Tuesday 17 November 2015

Before normal service resumes...

Before normal service resumes over here at Dizzy Miss Lizzy, I felt it was important to acknowledge and talk about the horrific attacks that happened in Paris last Friday. While I like to keep things light, there's times when a post about makeup or fashion just doesn't seem right. 

Social media has been rife with words of support, solidarity and despair over the last few days. From French flag profile pictures to written quotes from Buzz Feed, everyone has something to say, a kind word to share or a political opinion that they want to voice. Social media is a double edged sword for me. On one hand I know it's a fantastic platform for us to share, socialise and support, but on the other I can't help but feel it makes it all too easy. Too easy to change a profile picture or update a status. Too easy to attack and place blame on the innocent.

 On Saturday evening, I found myself changing my Facebook profile picture to the French flag and sharing some profound quotes. I felt hopeless and I had to do something. I kept asking myself "what happens now?" It's so hard to imagine that this is what we are to expect from life on this planet. And more importantly, what our children are to expect. 

Despite all of this hatred and loss of life, we need to stay positive, keep supporting and keep moving forward. Lets refrain from telling people off for "selectively mourning" or shouting "close our borders!" Let's try and create a united front and more importantly, spare a thought for the families of those who we've lost to terrorist attacks across the world. For every hate filled person there's a thousand kind hearted people out there. Let's not allow our kindness and compassion be dampened by evil cowards. Let's not be afraid. 

Sophy x


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