Thursday 3 September 2015

A Memo To Myself; Get Yourself Back on Track!


As you all know I've been going through a bit of a health kick recently. However I've found myself struggling over the last few months. Work and the stresses that surround my job have sapped me of pretty much all of my motivation. I'm tired most evenings and I'm really finding it hard to motivate myself to go to the gym. 

Now I know I'm not alone... So many people out there struggle with the same thing. Gym classes, eating well and generally changing your lifestyle for the better is all well and good. But it can actually be quite hard to keep it all up. Especially the exercise side of things. 

Now my blog is my forum for talking about everything and that includes times when I'm just not feeling as motivated. So here's a bit of a "sort your s**t out" post for me to write and read. I'm going to write out a few memos for myself that you're all welcome to take note of too!

Memo 1 - Don't shy away from positivity  
I've been reading quite a few blogs recently to help gain some inspiration. As a blogger myself I find it easy to connect with other peoples lifestyle posts. I've really been enjoying reading a blog called Unperfection; they encourage you to embrace the fact that no one is perfect which I think is such an important message. I need to stop striving for perfection and remember to celebrate every milestone. 

Memo 2 - Crappy food makes you feel crappy
I really need to keep reminding myself of this! Recently I've found myself reaching out for the cakes and sweets again and it's just not good. Now I'm not saying I shouldn't be eating sweets and chocolate at all; I love them too much to give them up completely. However it's all about moderation when it comes to sugar I really struggle to moderate! I need to remember to add fruit and veg to my meals at lunch and dinner to ensure I'm getting the right stuff into my body too. 

Memo 3 - Get back to the gym
I keep booking classes and then cancelling them. And then I feel bad and then I cancel some more because I just feel like there's no point. But then when I do go I feel so great afterwards! I sleep better, my back and knee pain improves dramatically and I feel more body confident. So why am I shying the exercise?! It's so ridiculous really especially as I'm paying for the bloody classes. It's time to stop being so lazy and get back into my exercise routine. 

Memo 4 - Get yourself organised
I need to start using the tools around me to sort myself out. I have an iPhone for god sake but do I use any of the apps for the iPhone that are available? Nope! So I've made a conscious decision to download a few running and cycling apps over the next few weeks to help me visualise my progress. 

Thanks for listening guys, I'm determined to get myself back on track and then I can actually get that fitness journey post up for you! If any of you guys are struggling with motivation let me know... I'd love a bit of reassurance!


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