Thursday 27 August 2015

6 Fun Ways to Customise Old Clothes


I am a huge fan of customising old clothes. There's something so lovely about giving something old a new lease of life, not to mention you're saving money buy not buying yourself something brand new! So with this in mind, I thought I'd share with you 6 fun ways you can customise your old clothes!

- Make Some Holes - 
Jeans, t-shirts, old jumpers. Holes can add such a cool edge to old clothes.  My favourite ripped customisation has got to be some old Primark jeans; the new holes I ripped into the knees gave them a completely new lease of life! If you're not sure how to do it, why not check out a few YouTube tutorials?

- Add Some Sparkle - 
Who doesn't love glitter and bling? I've been wanting to add a few gems to my Converse for a while now and have so many lovely tops that could do with a little bit of jazzing up. Gem wise the Swarovski Non Hotfix Crystals look beautiful in different lights! They're super easy to apply too.

- Get Handy With Your Sewing Machine -
If you're good with a sewing machine then the possibilities really are endless. You can change a hem on an old dress, make long sleeves short, you could even make something completely different out of old material you've found.

- Use Clothing Dye -
I've done this before. It's a great way to freshen up dull looking dark clothing like faded skinny jeans or old t-shirts. You could even use some clothing dye to create a tie dye pattern!

- Use Bleach - 
Bleach is a really simple way to make patterns on your denim and create an acid wash affect. You can use it on shorts, jeans, jackets or even denim dresses! The acid wash look has been on trend for such a long time and is a great way to breath new life into old denim.

- Add Studs -
You can create so many cool looks with studs. Add them to the shoulder area on jackets and jumpers or even lapels on shirts. Studs are a great way to give old clothes a new, edgy look.

I hope these tips have inspired you to get customising! If you decide to give it a go yourself make sure you let me know and tag me in any pictures on Twitter @hellodizzylizzy!


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