Wednesday 26 August 2015

How to Spoil Your Best Friend on Their Birthday


Best friends really are the best. And when it comes to their birthdays we all want to make sure that their day is as special as possible. Our best friends have been there for us through thick and thin so it's so lovely to get the opportunity to say thank you for everything they've done over the years. And what better day to show all your appreciation than on their Birthday?! To help you make your besties day as special as possible, I've come up with a few Birthday related ideas:

Birthday Breakfast Surprise
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not make it a special Birthday meal? You could go out and grab something from his/her favourite restaurant or alternatively, why not make something yourself? American pancakes, granola, poached eggs... There's so many yummy options!

It's Gift Buying Time...
Remember guys... It's the thought that counts! You don't need to go crazy and spend loads of money; just something heart felt that shows you care. I tend to take style inspiration from my friends when I go out and buy their presents. If you know they like jewellery why not go for something classic like pearl earrings? Or if you know he/ she has a hobby like photography you could try and find accessories for their camera. 

Get Your Bake On
Why don't you find out your besties favourite cake and dig out a recipe? You can make something that's completely unique and personal to you plus it will be a lovely surprise. Alternatively, if you're not a fan of cooking, head down to your local bakery and see if they can make you one especially. 

Spend the Day Doing Something They Love
Why not plan the perfect day out for the two of you, doing all the things that he/she loves? Spa days, lunch out, shopping, a day at the zoo. You could even plan something simple like spending the day at home having a proper pamper day! There's so many options and loads of ways you can make the day special.

Are any of you planing your best friends birthday at the moment? If so, what have you got planned?


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