Sunday 13 April 2014

Outfit of the Day - Sand and Pebbles

Today we headed down to the coast to a small village called Ferring. It's just along from Shoreham so right by the river and also by the sea. We were visiting family for lunch but decided to head down to the beach for a little wander and also to take a few snaps! I think there's something really lovely about the beach in Spring time... It's not as busy so you can really take in the sea breeze plus it's a little bit chillier than in the summer which I sort of like. Is that weird?

I wanted to wear something a little bit "Springy" today because the sun was out and I really felt like it was time to do away with the heavy coats and jumpers. I get really sick and tired of wearing layer upon layer of wool plus it feels like we've had a really long dank winter... No snow but loads of wind and rain and grey. Blurgh! My top is just an oversized white t-shirt from Primark. I think white t-shirts are totally underrated; they're so easy to dress up with bright scarves and ripped jeans which is a look that I love. My jacket is also from Primark; pastels are popular in a big way this season so I'm planning on wearing this jacket at every opportunity. I bought it a few months ago and I'm pretty sure it was reduced to £10... Bargain! My leggings are from River Island; my friend from work bought them into the office with the tags on saying that she didn't want them so naturally I jumped at the chance to make her an offer. My mind was racing at the outfit combinations I could create with these (including this one!) My shoes are from ASOS's London Rebel range; I bought them in the sale in February and I love their bright green colour. I'm determined to get as much colour into my wardrobe as possible this year so these shoes have been one of many bright additions over the last few months! My accessories are a bit of a mixed bag really; my earrings are from ASOS, and my necklace and sunnies are from Primark. When it comes to accessories that's pretty much all I ever wear... I'm a big lover of earrings and would go as far as to say they are my go to accessory of choice. What's your favourite accessory? Did you do anything fun this weekend or go anywhere new?

Lots of Love

P.s. I apologise for my grumpy looking face in these pictures. It was so bright and sunny I found it really hard not to squint! Plus I am such an awkward person in front of the camera.. I'm hoping to become a little less awkward as time goes on!

Location: Ferring Beach

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