Saturday 12 April 2014

Outfit of the Day - Clothes to Explore in

There's nothing I like more than exploring the gorgeous countryside that surrounds where I live. I've been so lucky to have been brought up in the South of England, right in the middle of the South Downs Way... There's literally LOADS of places to go and investigate and a million good photo opportunities! So me and the boyf headed out today with our cameras and a warm jacket to take full advantage!

When it comes to lazy days I like to wear something comfy. We tend to spend a lot of time out and about at the weekends so I try and tailor my outfits accordingly... Floaty shirts.. Baggy jeans.. And always my Converse unless I'm going somewhere special. The jeans I'm wearing here were actually featured in my recent "What's in my Wardrobe?" video on YouTube. They're from Topshop and are a good 6 years old now but they've really lasted me well (I can confirm that every single rip was there when I bought them!) The shirt is from Urban Outfitters

Pins + Needles range. I bought it in the sale a year or so ago now, and decided to go for an extra-large size as I tend to prefer shirts a little bit bigger. I really love the tie feature on the bottom and the golden yellow stripes. My hair was a bit of an experiment I have to admit! I saw a recent tutorial Zoella did on the halo braid and I decided to give it a go. It's really simple to do and I think it gives a cute "boho" look. My sunnies are from Primark. I am such a liability with sunglasses, there's no point me spending a serious amount of money on a pair because I'll either break them or lose them! These ones cost me £1.50 and have lasted me over a year now so they're doing well so far!!

What do you wear when you're going out and about at the weekends?  


 Locations: Ashcombe Windmill // Lewes Grange Gardens.

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