Tuesday 8 April 2014

MUA - Heaven on Earth Palette

Heya guys!

So last week my bestie Jade (aka LeadingLadyBeauty... Check out her YouTube channel guys she does amazing videos!) sent me a picture of this Make Up Academy palette. I've been looking to buy myself a high end palette - something like Urban Decay's Naked or Bobbi Brown's Nectar & Nude - but I just can't afford it at the moment. We're going to Portugal in June followed by America in September so the majority of my money is going into the savings pot! Jade knew this and that's why she sent me this one for inspiration. I hot footed it down to my local Superdrug store to check it out pretty much straight away and I was really impressed by their overall MUA makeup collection to be honest. They have nail varnishes and blushers for £1 (yes... £1?!!) and they are really really good quality considering they're so cheap. I know Fleur De Force really likes their blushers too.

They have a few palettes on offer, most of which are a little bit too loud and larey for me but this one is just perfect and a complete bargain at £4. I'd say about 70% of the colours are really well pigmented and overall the quality of the eye shadow is good; I'd compare them to the consistency of the Natural Collection shadows which are one of my favourites. The swatch above doesn't really do all of the colours justice as the lighter ones are pretty much the colour of my arm.. They look much better on the eyelid itself. 

So, all in all I think that MUA is a fantastic budget drugstore brand. Thank you Jade for introducing me to this palette I love it!

Lots of Love

P.S I'm wearing their nail varnish in this picture too...! A really individual pink colour that I just had to grab as it was only £1!!!

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