Sunday 26 January 2014

50 Facts About Me


I'm so sorry I've been so late in my blog posting this year. It's 25th January and this is my first post of 2014... That's totally not good enough and I promise I'll do better as the year goes on! In all honesty though, it's been a bit of a busy beginning to 2014 for me. I've started my own personal styling business and I've been trying to design the website and sort out everything that goes with it. If you're interested in seeing all of my hard work, take a look at my new website: I also have a Facebook page too: Get liking for all of our news! 

To those of you who are interested in my vlogging activities you can take a look at my newest vlog on YouTube. It's entitled "What's in my Handbag" - I'll leave it below in case you're interested. You can also subscribe to my channel - Dizzy Miss Lizzy to ensure you're up to date on all of my vlogs!

So, onto this weeks post! It's going to be something a little different this time. I think it's important that you guys get to know about me, so this weeks blog post is entitled "50 Facts About Me". Some of the facts you may know, some you probably won't! You must all promise not to laugh at some of the weirder ones though......

Ok... Here we go...

Fact 1 - I can play the flute

Yep! I started at school and have been picking it up now and again ever since. Brace yourself for some YouTube videos this year as I'm going to be starting some lessons in February!

Fact 2 - I'm a natural Blonde

I dye my hair an even lighter blonde but underneath all of that bleach is a naturally blonde set of locks. Gives me an excuse for having such a blonde mind!

Fact 3 -  I have 3 younger sisters

They're all quite a bit younger than me. Alice is 13, Bibi is 11 and Mahli is 10.

Fact 4 - I was born in Brighton

The best place to go on the South Coast.

Fact 5 - My family has loads of pets

2 black cats (Tinkerbell and Moley), 2 dogs (Mason, and American Bulldog and Timmy a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), some fish, and a hamster that I can't remember the name of.. Sorry Bibi!

Fact 6 - I once won a modelling competition

Yeah... Not much to shout about really as it was a modelling competition run by the shop Mackay's (now called M & Co). Either way, I won the regional heat while I was in secondary school!

Fact 7 - I love photography

I absolutely love taking pictures. I try and have a camera with me at all times, even if it's just the one on my iPhone.

Fact 8 - My favourite colour is Green

I have loads of favourite colours but Green is my most favourite.

Fact 9 - I have a boyfriend called David

I live with him in West Sussex. He smells amazing and is definitely the funniest person he knows. He's also a double black belt in Taekwondo and Karate. If anyone annoys me then I'll tell him. He can probably kill someone with his little finger.

Fact 10 - I have an immense collection of nail varnishes

I love nails. And painting them fun colours. My collection of nail varnishes is my pride and joy!

Fact 11 - I'm quite small

About 5ft 4. Ish.

Fact 12 - I dream about living in the Sussex countryside

One day I'm determined to live in the country with loads of animals and my boyfriend.

Fact 13 - My favourite item of clothing is my Barbour coat

I finally bought myself one last year and I absolutely love it

Fact 14 - I hate spiders

Hate them.

Fact 15 - I pick my fingers

Yeah sounds weird right? But it's a nervous habit. I pick the skin around my nails and I totally wish I could stop!

Fact 17 - I have a personal styling business

I know I've told you that already but I'll say it again. Styling Sussex. Like it on Facebook!!

Fact 18 - I'm a good cook

I love cooking and I'm not ashamed to say I'm good at it.

Fact 19 - I have a really sweet tooth

I love cake. And chocolate. And chocolate cake.

Fact 20 - My favourite film is Bridesmaids

"Did you really think this whole group of women were going to eat THAT cookie??!!"

Fact 21 - All of my sisters are actually my half sisters

It doesn't really make a difference to me but everyone seems to be really shocked when I tell them?!

Fact 22 - If I could have one skill it would be...

To be able to sing. I wanna sound like Alicia Keys!

Fact 23 - I'm currently studying to be an Interior Designer

Yep. I'm doing a distance learning course. Not that I've been doing much of it over the last few months.

Fact 24 - I'm also doing a fashion design course too

What was I thinking doing 2 courses at the same time?!

Fact 25 - When I was a kid I used to have a crush on Alan Titchmarsh

What the hell was I thinking?!

Fact 26  - I suffer from anxiety and I'm also a chronic worrier

Loads of people suffer from these feelings and you shouldn't be ashamed of it if you do too. It's hard work sometimes but I have some really good people around me who help a lot and I think myself incredibly lucky!

Fact 27 - I literally cannot do nothing

I can't remember the last time I just sat in front of the TV and did nothing. Sometimes I wish I could switch off but there's too much to do!

Fact 28 - I'm obsessed with the BBC drama Sherlock

Oh. My. God. It's so good.

Fact 29 - I'm going on an adventure holiday in America in September

LA> Death Valley> Grand Canyon> Las Vegas> Yosemite> San Francisco. SO. EXCITED. 

Fact 30 - I grew up in Lewes

It's a small town in East Sussex. I love it there, it's got so much history and it's really beautiful to walk around.

Fact 31 - My favourite class at school was science

Yeah I know right?! Cray cray to think of me as a science boffin but it's true. Double science on a Wednesday? I'M THERE!

Fact 32 - I can line dance

I'm not available for Birthday parties OR bar mitzvahs. My late and incredibly great (in fact awesome) Grandma taught me at her dance school. My whole family knows so you might as well know too....

Fact 33 - I march in the Lewes Bonfire celebrations

For Commercial Square bonfire society. I wear a yellow and black striped jumper and I LOVE November 5th. It's the best night of the year bar NONE.

Fact 34 - I have 5 tattoos

One of some ivy and a bird on my right side. My sisters names on my foot. Some Japanese cherry blossom on the left shoulder and two wings on the back of my ankles.

Fact 35 - I have two piercings

My belly button and my ears (ears count as one OK)

Fact 36 - I can rap the whole of "Without Me" by Eminem. And also Nelly's "Hot in Here"

I actually got a given a shot for doing the former in a pub in Brighton once. Didn't realise the bar staff had noticed my incredible rap skills but apparently they had been watching the entire thing!

Fact 37 - I suffer from migraines

I get the flashing lights and everything. They SUCK.

Fact 38 - I'm allergic to penicillin

I come up in huge lumps when I take it. Don't give me any!

Fact 39 - I love old furniture

If it's old and you found it in a Flea Market then I'll love it.

Fact 40 - I love my dressing gown

Whenever I'm at home it's on. I should probably put it in the washing machine....

Fact 41 - I'm scared of heights

Found that out while rock climbing in Wales. Not the best time but at least I know now.

Fact 42 - I love thunderstorms

When I was a kid I used to sit out in them with all of my teddy bears and an umbrella until they stopped. My mum should have probably taken the umbrella away though - slight lightening hazard?!

Fact 43 - I believe in Karma. And I also believe that everything happens for a reason

You get back what you put out there. And I strongly believe that even the worst things that happen can teach us something positive.

Fact 44 - I still have the teddy bear I was given on the day I was born

His name is Teddy Red Tie. He guards my clothes... Which is a seriously important job!

Fact 45 - I have a white Fiat 500 called Fanula

I love her. She has red seats and a cream dashboard.

Fact 46 - I love the Harry Potter books

They are my favourite books of all time. I love the films too!

Fact 47 - My pet hate is people who put chocolate in the fridge

Why would you do that?!

Fact 48 - My favourite perfume is Channel's Coco Mademoiselle

Other than my boyfriend, that's my favourite smell EVER.

Fact 49 - My favourite pass time is watching videos of cats on YouTube

I could, and quite often do, watch them all day.

Fact 50 - When I was a child my dream job was to be a vet

I so wish I'd actually stuck to my dream. It would be my perfect job!

So there you go! 50 facts about me. They weren't too shocking were they?! I hope you feel like you know me a little better now you've read them. Feel free to comment below with some interesting facts about yourselves... I'd love to read some facts about you guys too!

Lots of Love,
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