Tuesday 31 December 2013

Top Trends for 2014

Hello Dizzy Miss Lizzies!

Now the Christmas fun is coming to an end and we've been left staring slightly scared into the beginning of 2014, I thought I'd write you all a new year themed blog to perk you up a bit. This time of year is all about new starts and personal revamps, so I felt that a look into next years top trends would be a good place to start; it's time to get some new wardrobe inspiration!

So... What does 2014 have to offer in terms of fashion and trends? You'll be pleased to hear the prospects are pretty good! There's nothing too "out there" and most of it is figure friendly and generally quite flattering. It's also not hugely different from 2011/12 and 2013 so there's definitely opportunities to recycle... A word that we ALL love to hear during these pretty tough financial times!

So here it is, the list of the top "must have" items for your 2014 Spring/ Summer wardrobe. Enjoy!

Midi and Tea Length Skirts

I know what you're all thinking, "what on earth is a tea length skirt?!" Well... A tea length skirt is a skirt that's longer than midi length and shorter than maxi. The hem should sit around the "mid shin" area on your leg. These skirts have actually been on trend since 2011, but they're back in full force for Spring 2014. For maximum effect try to find a pleated one with a high waist, a fantastic wardrobe must have which can be dressed up for the office/a night out or dressed down for a lazy summer day picnic. Perfect!

Spring/ Summer 2014 tea length skirts

Celebrity fashion - tea length skirts

Now onto the midi skirts! These have been on trend for yonks. The slightly shorter sister of the tea length, they should sit below the knee but no lower than the top of the shin (I know.. Who knew skirt lengths could be so complicated?!) This length looks great in a pencil skirt design - perfect for work and nights out! 

Take a peek at these midi skirts on sale now at ASOS... Just in case you fancied snapping one up now ready for the new year!

Black a - line midi skirt - ASOS

Textured burgundy midi pencil skirt - ASOS

Floral jacquard midi pencil skirt - ASOS

Pink midi pencil skirt - ASOS

The Crop Top

I'm sorry girls, but the crop top looks set to stay for 2014! But don't despair - you don't need to bust out of your comfy Christmas slumber and snap up a tight, boob hugging midriff shower quite yet! There's a load of different variations out there, including some boxy style ones - a lot more forgiving than the Lycra ones from this year. To ensure you're bang on trend team your crop top with a high waisted midi and you're sorted!

Celebrity fashion - crop tops with high waisted midi's/ tea lengths/ trousers

For the chance to pick up your own crop top for 2014, take a look at some of these choices from ASOS and River Island. On sale now (and potentially in the January sale... Woohhaaa!)

ASOS crop top

River Island embellished crop top

ASOS crop top

River Island crop top

Wide Leg Trousers

Coming in at number 3 in our top trends list it's wide leg trousers. The high waisted versions are a perfect pairing with the crop top if you're feeling confident, but all are equally flattering worn with a floaty blouse or fitted shirt. You don't have to be tall for these either - a pair with tapered legs worn with a pair of killer heals won't swamp your frame. For those of you who are a little taller, the wider the better! 

Celebrity fashion - wide leg trousers

Catwalk fashion for 2014 - wide leg trousers

Here's some styles that are on sale now - again it's ASOS....  I'm totally for anything that's lose and forgiving after the last weeks eating habits so keep 'em coming high street!

Burgundy tapered wide leg trousers - ASOS

Black wide leg trousers - ASOS

The Shift Blouse

This is probably my favorite trend for 2014. The shift blouse is a modern twist on the trusted classic... It's basically a shift dress in blouse form. Worn with fitted trousers this can look really smart, but if you're after a more "day time" look, dress down with some plain disco pants and Converse. For maximum effect, look for something with large "bell" sleeves which cut off just above the elbow. It can be cropped or full length, the possibilities really are endless girls, so get collecting! 

Catwalk fashion - shift blouse

Here are some shopping options if you're after bagging yourself a bargain - anything labelled as a "box" top will give you the right look.

Black box shirt - ASOS

Pink box top - ASOS

Blue and white striped box shirt - ASOS

The Shirt Dress

The final addition to the Dizzy Lizzy Top Trends list! I absolutely love these dresses. They add a flash of androgyny to what is essentially a feminine item of clothing. Perfect for the office worn with some chunky ankle boots or for a lazy summer day worn with simple strappy sandals. If you fancy wearing a belt round the middle then... Hey... Go for it! Anything goes. My idea of the perfect shirt dress outfit would be a white or blue shirt dress with grey or black tights/ leggings and some knee length boots. Sling over a lose fitting knitted cardie (maybe dark blue?) and a plain but HUGE scarf and you've got a gorgeous spring day outfit.

Catwalk fashion - shirt dresses

If you fancy picking yourself up a shirt dress ready for 2014, here are a few options. Go on... I won't tell the bank manager if you don't!

White shirt dress - ASOS

Shirt cape - ASOS

To wrap up my last blog post for 2014 (sob!) here's a list of some themes to watch out for in 2014. All of them are things you'll have seen already, and you'll probably have a few themed items tucked away in your wardrobe!


We're talking sheer dresses & shirts. Or anything else you can find that's sheer. Pop a top on underneath or if you're feeling risque, a nice bra (it's OK to do that, I'm telling you!) A black sheer dress worn with some chunky ankle boots provides you with the perfect "simple yet effective" evening ensemble.

Clockwise from top left: white striped shirt from ZARA | black bow shirt from ZARA | sheer shirt dress from ASOS | sheer back shirt from ASOS | white two panelled shirt from ASOS

Pretty Pastels

I'm a serious lover of pastel shades. They're very spring/ summer and they add a splash of warm feeling to any wardrobe. Think pastel blue or pink blazers, light peach dresses, pastel green skirts.... Go pastel mad! It's very on trend for 2014 but more importantly, you'll feel brighter and lighter while wearing it.

Clockwise from top left: pink blazer from ASOS | pink high waisted trousers from ASOS | violet high waisted leggings from ASOS | pink platform heels from River Island | peach sheer shirt from ASOS


Want to add a bit of bling to your Spring/ Summer wardrobe? Then the metallic theme is the way to go! If you prefer to do things in moderation then feel free to stick with the metallic accessories - there's some gorgeous clutch bags and belts out there at the moment. Equally, there's also some pretty stunning metallic shoes (check out the wedge style heels from River Island below that I literally cannot wait to get my hands on!) 

Try and wear metallic clothing in moderation for fear of looking a little "robot from the 80's"... One statement piece with the occasional accessory should do the trick!

Clockwise from top left: Metallic skirt from River Island | Metallic platform heels from River Island | metallic brogues from River Island | multi metallic clutch bag from River Island | black metallic skirt from ASOS


Another way to add a touch of sparkle to your wardrobe while staying on trend for 2014 is with the embellished theme. Embellished skirts, dresses, jumpers, scarfs or pretty much anything you can get your hands on will work a treat. It doesn't have to be an entirely embellished item - just a splash of sequins or beads is perfectly acceptable. Think along the lines of the metallic theme - less is definitely more! We want to be bejeweled beauties, not over the top Deidrie's!

Clockwise from top left: blue embellished jumper from ASOS | multi coloured pastel sequined skirt from River Island | black embellished all in one top from ASOS | grey cropped embellished top from ASOS

So, that's it for 2013! It's time to kick back, pour yourself a glass of bubbly and let the fireworks take you through to another fun filled year! I wish you all the luck for 2014 Dizzy Lizzies!

Loads of Love,
DML xxx

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