Saturday 15 February 2014

Desert Island Bits


Helllooooo there!
So, 2nd post for 2014... How are you all doing so far? Are you as happy as I am that the horrible continuous stream of Monday's, also know and JANUARY, is now over?! THANK THE LORD.

Anywho - this weeks blog post :)

This post is entitled "Desert Island Bits". Now, if like me, you grew up with Radio4 blaring out in the kitchen then you'll kinda know where I'm going with this post. If not, then I'm playing on the title of a famous Radio4 show called "Desert Island Discs" where famous people would be asked what 8 records they would take with them onto a desert island. I'm going to replace records with cosmetics in this instance though, and the desert island with your cosmetics cupboard!

Throughout February I have literally been going Boots crazy. And I've also become quite attached to a few key pieces in my bathroom cupboard. I'd like to share these lovelies with you and will be going as far as to say that these items would make up the key pieces that I would take to a desert island... If I were to be so lucky as to get taken to one! Not Shipwrecked/ Tom Hanks stylie though obvs. I don't EVER want to get that stranded. AH!

So here we go... Enjoy!

Item numero uno - a decent foundation

Every girls needs a decent foundation. It should also have an SPF too - anything from factor 15+ should do the trick. I've just bought Rimmel's "Wake Me Up" foundation in Ivory and I really really love it. It's got a lovely dewy texture and leaves your face looking fresh and healthy. It has good coverage too which I know is a definite must have when you're looking for a foundation with staying power.

Number 2 - a good cleanser/ toner/ moisturiser combo

Now I know that these are technically three items but they should definitely be used in conjunction with one another so I'm going to make them one :) I think it's vital that you have a daily or nightly facial ritual which encompasses all three, and my weapons of choice are by Simple. I have been using their toner, foaming cleanser and their rich night moisturiser for 6 months now (I'm actually still using the same bottles so that proves that they are good value for money!) I really love the brand and the fact that they aren't too chemically harsh. They keep my skin clear and I have never had a break out while using them so they definitely get my recommendation!

Number 3 - a versatile hairbrush

All that hat wearing, finger combing and hair twizzling that you do on a daily basis is going to leave you in tangle central! Now the only brush, as far as I am concerned, that can handle all that frizz and knottage has got to be the Tangle Teaser. This thing has been my saviour many a time. You don't realise how awesome these things are until you go back to a normal brush and you literally feel like every strand of your hair is being pulled out at the root by a set of tweezers. Get one. I promise you, you won't regret it! Desert island item number 3, YOINK!

Number 4 - a good hairspray

Through my years I've had a plethora (cannot believe I've managed to slot that bad boy word in here!!) of hair styles. Pixie boy cuts, bobs, one side shorter than the other, loooong, mid length. You name it I've had it. Now with this in mind, I've also managed to aquire a pretty hefty amount of hair products. Waxes, jells, mooses (?!), salt sprays... I've had em all! That being said, no product has graced my shelves as much as the good old hair spray bottle! Now as far as I am concerned, the best hair spray on the market at the moment is V05's High Volume. It's frigging awesome. No stick, no tackiness, just a gorgeous smell and a lovely even coverage of hold. And before you ask me "why would you need hairspray on a desert island?" You know you would. You just know it.

Number 5 - a good all over body moisturiser

We all know sea, sand and salt dries out our lovely skin. And back in the real world, the shower and stressful days at work can dry it out too. I have a huge selection of moisturisers and body butters lying around from Christmas that I'm still working through, but my all time favourite has to be The Body Shops Cocoa Butter. Now before you look at me with a puzzled look and ask me "but... What about the Soap & Glory ones you bang on about?" let me explain myself... I adore The Righteous Butter by S&G. I use it all the time and it's a fantastic moisturiser BUT... The Body Shop's Cocoa Butter was the first propper moisturiser I ever bought and it's smell takes me right back to being 13 again. It leaves your skin feeling gorgeously silky and is totally worth it's price tag!

Number 6 - a decent nail varnish collection

Now I am obsessed with nail varnishes! I think my collection is a little OTT, but that's no reason to be scared. If you're reading this thinking "I think I have a red colour somewhere. Was it all gloopy the last time I opened it?" then get your butt to Boots! I personally think that the basis of any good nail varnish collection is: a dark red or purple (looks good on toe nails), a bright coral colour/ pink or peach and a glitzy sparkly colour, possibly glitter based. I promise you, as soon as you have a good set of painted nails you'll instantly feel better!

Number 7 - a good quality perfume

I'm really not fussy when it comes to perfume, so I might not be best placed to advise on which perfumes you should buy. Plus, you guys will know the kind of smells that represent you best. That said, I think it's important to have at least one good quality scent that can be your "go to" smell. Whether it's Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Gucci... It's entirely up to you. But that smell will be your signature scent and should make you feel a million dollars as soon as you put it on. Head on down to The Perfume Shop now and get sniffing!

Number 8 - a decent exfoliator

I think it's important to have a good exfoliator, even though you don't use it every day. I use two at the moment, the St Ives body exfoliator and the Soap and Glory's Scrub of Your Life. Both are really lovely but I can't help but favour the St Ives one. They do one for face and one for body (I actually think they're pretty much the same to be honest...) and I love how gritty they are. You know that when you use it you're really giving yourself a good old scrub!

So, that's it for my Desert Island Bits! I hope it's helped narrow the Boot's shopping list down a tad :) I know I've missed off loads of additional products too.... Shampoo/ conditioner is something I have chosen not to add as I'm planning on doing a hair routine vlog soon. Watch this space!

I'd love to know what would be in your Desert Island Bits list so please comment and let me know!

Lots of love!

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