Sunday 15 April 2018

Goals, Priorities and Protecting Yourself

I'm the kind of person who plans. I plan because it gives me comfort. The irony though is that you can't plan for "life". What will be will be and the reality of it is things happen, people are unpredictable and situations change. In other words, life has a habit of throwing you curve balls and there's not much you can do to stop it. 

If I asked 10 different people to give me a list of their top 5 priorities in life, I'm sure that I'd get 10 very different answers. Priorities are personal to the individual you're talking to, and no one list is going to be exactly the same as another. That being said, it's important that you surround yourself with people who's priorities vaguely match yours; they are akin to life goals after all and you can hardly spend your life surrounded by people who are on a completely different page. 

Over the last few weeks, I've been forced to think long and hard about what I want from life. I have been through a lot over the last few years and I think I lost myself a little through it all. I've allowed people to take advantage of me. I've allowed myself to be an option as opposed to a priority. And at times I've forgotten my value and my self worth. 

I'm almost half way into the 29th year of my life and I'm having a long hard look at what I've done to get here and what I've got to do to be where I want to be. That means re assessing my priorities, my life goals and who I want to take with me into my 30's; a decade that I envisage being pretty life changing. So, who's going to make the cut.....?

 In short, anyone who's been through the hard times with me, seen me at my best but also at my worst and still loved me. Priorities wise, I'm simplifying things. My one and only priority for the rest of this year (and always, to be honest) is to be happy. As life goes on I'm sure I'll add some more on but for now, I feel like that's enough. Goals wise I'm making a mental list and each and every one is going to be something that, once achieved, will make ME happy. Not my partner, not my friends, not my employers, ME. I'm done with doing things for other people. Ultimately if you love me you should want to see me happy and encourage whatever it takes to get me there.

My advice to anyone struggling to figure out what their own priorities or goals in life are is to keep it simple. Do what makes you happy and everything else should follow suit. Don't lose sight of yourself and never make someone else a priority when they can't reciprocate. Ultimately you're the only one who can look out for you so love yourself, appreciate what you're worth and set goals that excite and inspire you. Some people may think you're being selfish but sometimes in life, you need to put yourself first. Like Mark said in Love Actually.. "it's a self preservation thing" 

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