Sunday 17 April 2016

My Sunglasses Collection

I've started to get a bit of an obsession with sunglasses. So much so that I can now officially say that I have a collection. An actual sunglasses collection. I feel like an idiot just saying that! 

When I was younger I used to be so worried about different styles of sunglasses not suiting me that I never really found myself buying that many pairs. Any I did have were plastic and usually bought from a beach hut somewhere whilst on holiday. As time went on though, I found myself gravitating to more bold styles and soon I was perusing the virtual ASOS accessories isles for huge round retro styles in bold colours.  

When it comes to my current collection I'd say there's a 50% designer to high-street split. I can't afford to purchase many designer brands and I find it's pretty hard to justify spending hundreds on a pair of sunglasses as opposed to a coat, boots, a bag etc. That being said though, when it comes to designer eyewear, there really is a huge difference in terms of style and comfort. And in my opinion, it's usually worth the extra pennies. 

My official obsession with more high end sunglasses came about while I was in San Francisco. I was in Macy's with my friend and she very kindly bought me a pair of Michael Kors aviators. I instantly noticed the difference between them and my Primark ones when I put them on; they sat well on my face and were so light and well fitting. After strolling around town with them on for a good few hours I realised I'd forgotten I was even wearing them; the colour of the lenses was so natural and the fit was just so comfy. No more behind the ear pinching headaches for me!

Now don't get me wrong, I still have a few pairs of cheapy sunglasses. I find the likes of River Island and Topshop do some really gorgeous, retro styles that you can sometimes struggle to find when shopping high end. The lighter of the styles can still be incredibly comfortable and the looks really can be more striking and stylised. Overall though, if you like a comfortable fit and are looking for something a little longer lasting, designer brands really do come up trumps over the high street. 

If you'd like to see the rest of my sunglasses collection you can watch this LookBook over on my channel HERE

Sunglasses shown above (from top to bottom)


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