Sunday 31 January 2016

Delicious Brownies from The Brownie Maid

I love blogging, no more so than when I get contacted by lovely companies who want to send me products to try and talk about on the blog. It's even more lovely when the company in question is a bakery and they have some yummy brownie related goods that they want to send me to review and try. For me, that's a blogging win on every level!

Now the company in question are called The Brownie Maid; two sisters from Cornwall who's love of baking brownies and eating brownies combined perfectly to create a cake delivery business. They send their goods (a mixture of cakes and other baking related bits) across the UK to anyone who's in need of a serious sugar fix. If you want to have a look at their website which shows a mouth watering gallery of all the cakes you can get delivered click HERE.

So.. The brownies...

They turned up on my desk at work last Friday... The perfect "end of week" treat! I quickly realised that the amount I'd been sent was too much for even the hungriest of brownie lovers so I reluctantly called upon a few of my friends at work to help me get through them.. On the proviso that they would let me know what they thought of course. There was a large selection on offer, including the Gooey Cookie Dough, Oreo, Toblerone and also a gorgeous peanut butter one which proved pretty popular!

The verdict? Unsurprisingly they went down a treat! With one of my work colleagues telling me it was one of the best brownies he'd ever tasted. I think the major selling point for everyone was the interesting flavours and the way they looked; stacked high with gorgeous toppings and sweets. 

If you're looking to send a friend or family member a gift then I would strongly recommend visiting The Brownie Maid and ordering one of their amazing selection boxes or brownie cakes. Delivery wise the brownies arrive in perfect condition, ready to eat! And they are seriously yummy too. 

If you decide to give them a try please let me know! 


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