Sunday 8 November 2015

The Rise and Rise of the Stay-Cation


I haven't been on a proper holiday all year. And when I say proper holiday I mean sun, sea, sand and... Sangria? Only joking I mean gin. 

Now I love the colder months in England but that doesn't mean I'm not a sun seeker, and almost 12 months with no beach action has made me... Well... Somewhat grumpy! Lack of monies has played a huge part in my non summer vay-cay in 2015 and has therefore meant I've had to think outside of the standard "holiday" box when booking our first short getaway of the year next weekend. Enter the STAY-CATION. 

It's easy to assume that all holidays need to take place in a completely different continent, but actually, when you come to think about it, England has a lot to offer! Plus it's cheap. And this was my exact train of thought when booking out trip to Scotland! I'll be doing a full post about our mini trip away in the next few weeks but all this holiday planning got me thinking.... There must be loads of places in good old England that you can go to enjoy a cheap short break? And here's a few of my top suggestions.

- L O N D O N -
London is my favourite English city. I always have such a good time when I go, especially this time of year when they start to put up all of the christmas lights. You can catch a West End show, do some shopping down Oxford Street or take in some of London's history at Buckingham Palace. There's just so much to do! And if you're worried about the cost of accommodation why not check out Airbnb

- B L A C K P O O L -
Blackpool is the original seaside resort. I've been once when I was younger and the traditional Blackpool Attractions really were fun! You can spend a day riding the roller coasters at the world famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach or even check out the impressive views from the top of the Blackpool tower. I actually visited the ball room last time I was there.... That's where they film the Strictly Come Dancing final! Eeek!

- T H E   S O U T H W E S T -
The UK boasts lots of great surfing hot spots, no more so than the South West. Cornwall and Devon offer waves for surfers of varying levels and they are really beautiful locations too. Autumn is a great time to go surfing here as the waters tend to be a little warmer, plus you'll have missed all of the summer crowds.. More beach for you!

- N O R T H   W A L E S -
I was lucky enough to visit Wales on a school trip a good few years back. We had such an amazing time hiking through cliffs and kayaking in the rivers. For the mountaineers amongst you there's Mount Snowdon which is the highest mountain in Wales. Before hiking Snowdon be sure to check out the different routes on offer as they have varying degrees of difficulty. 

- S C O T L A N D -
This is the only place on my list that I've not visited, however this is all about to change next weekend! I can't wait! Scotland boasts luscious green hills and scenic landscapes. We're hoping to head to Loch Ness and spend some time walking through the Highlands. We're also going to be visiting Edinburgh and the famous castle. There's loads to see here and I'll be sure to share exactly what we got up to when I'm back!

I hope this post inspired some of you to take a trip a little closer to home! Let me know if you've visited any of these places and be sure to share your experiences!


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