Saturday 5 September 2015

Christmas Present Ideas for Fashion Loving Friends


Please don't judge me but I've actually been thinking about Christmas presents for a while now. In fact I've had a list planned for a good 3 months! Mental I know however I absolutely hate a last minute rush for presents. I'm also determined to spend the majority of December enjoying the festive season.. As opposed to spending it face down on the floor of some dreaded department store, surrounded by tacky stocking fillers.

Now Christmas can be a weird one present wise. I find my female friends are pretty easy to buy for however the fashion and beauty lovers can be a little harder to suss out. So I've created a little guide for you to help you buy for the fashionistas in your lives!

- Magazine Subscriptions and Books -
I've received both as gifts before and they went down a treat! Not only because I love reading magazines and books, but also because I'd never think to purchase them for myself. Magazine subscriptions are a great gift idea for the fashion lovers out there as there's such a great selection of high end mags. Book wise you've got so many options too; fashion photography, how to guides for hair, even something craft related. 

- Gift Vouchers -
I know people think gift vouchers are boring but I personally disagree. If you know your friends favourite shop then why not get them a gift card from there? It saves you running the risk of getting them something they won't like. If you know their fave shop is a boutique store then you may struggle a bit more to get a gift card specific to that store. Especially if you don't live local to the area. However there are sites that will help you discover independent shops offering vouchers. For example Love from Indie Street shows you all the best places to go in Edinburgh. 

- Sewing Supplies - 
Does your fashion loving friend have a passion for all things sewing? Then why not grab some supplies for them to use when designing and creating their next runway garment? You could get them a bundle of interesting fabrics or even some sewing patterns in styles that you think they would like. 

- Accessories -
All fashionistas love to accessorise so if you're not sure about what to get clothes wise, this is your safest bet. There's loads of options when it comes to accessories; brooches, scarfs, jewellery even hats! Pay close attention to what they wear on a daily basis and you can't go wrong!

If you're planning your Christmas shopping already like me, I hope this early gift guide has helped you! I usually do a full Christmas guide for the men and women in your lives a little closer to the time, so be sure to keep your eyes open for that! 


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