Sunday 9 August 2015

A Guide to Getting Healthy Glowing Skin

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Gorgeous skin doesn't always come naturally and a lot of us turn to skincare lotions and oils to help us achieve that glowing look. Now products are all well and good, but if you're not planning on changing your lifestyle or kicking your bad habits then you're never going to get the best out of the products you buy. With that in mind, I thought I'd create a little guide for you all on how to obtain and more importantly MAINTAIN that healthy glow...

Know Your Skin Type
This is so important! There's no point in spending money on skincare if you're buying things that aren't targeted to your skin type. Also be aware when reading reviews; there's no point in buying something that someone else has raved about if it's targeted at dry skin and you have oily skin. If you're not sure on your skin type be sure to speak to a professional. 

Eat Well and Drink Lots of Water
All the lotions and potions in the world won't help if you're eating bad food and missing out on your regular water intake. Try and ensure you're eating a good amount of vegetables and a few bits of fruit every day. Fruit contains quite a bit of sugar which has been known to cause breakouts so try not to over do it! Drinking water throughout the day is hugely important as it flushes out all of the toxins in your system which have been known to cause skin problems. If you want to add a little boost to your water try adding a slice of lemon to make it even more detoxifying! Healthy fats are also great, not only for the skin but the hair and nails too. Try to include avocados, nuts, nut butters, egg yolks and salmon into your diet for luscious locks, strong long nails and a glowing complexion! (YES PLEASE!) 

Kick those Bad Habits
I'm going to sound like such a kill joy here but here goes..... 

Put down that cigarette! The toxins in cigarettes are really bad for your skin (as well as the rest of your body!) And can leave it looking grey and dull. If you're a daily smoker, try and cut down if you can or even better, give up entirely. I know it's easier said than done but there's lots of help guides and  aides out there to give you the best possible chance of kicking that habit for good! 

Take. It. Off! It's so important to take your makeup off before you go to bed. Not only does your skin FEEL grim the next morning if you've not given it a good old clean, it'll LOOK grim too! Dirt and old makeup lead to spots and major break outs so make sure you take all your makeup off before you go to sleep. 

Change Your Pillow Case Regularly
A weird one I know but you'd be amazed (or disgusted?) At all the dirt and dust that pillowcases can hold onto. This can transfer straight back onto your skin while you sleep, resulting in break outs and generally dirty skin (ew!) Our skin is also constantly producing an oily substance called Sebum. If this is transferred back onto our skin it can cause breakouts too. Change your pillowcases regularly to ensure you're skin is resting on something clean every night!

Now we all know that exercising makes us sweat and sweat can cause breakouts. But if you make sure you keep your skin clean after you've finished your workout you'll notice a huge difference. Sweating releases bad toxins from your body and can really make your skin glow. Exercising also releases happy endorphins; you'd be amazed how much difference a smiling face can make to the overall look of your skin!

A Regular Skincare Routine
Once you've found a selection of products that are suited to your skin type, make sure you actually USE them! And regularly too. At a minimum, be sure to cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day (once at night, once in the morning) and also be sure to throw in the odd face mask once or twice a week. It's important not to forget to exfoliate too; as and when you feel you need. Over exfoliating will cause breakouts but twice a week or so should be just about right. Tropic Skincare have products to suit all skin types if you're struggling to find products to suit your needs.  

Change your Products with the Seasons
I'm not trying to get you to double up on products but it's important to remember how differently your skin reacts to temperatures throughout the year. As someone with oily skin I know that summertime is a difficult time for me. Whereas someone with dryer skin may struggle more in the winter. A different moisturiser may be all you need just to give your skin that extra bit of love when your dreaded season comes around!

I hope this guide helped some of you if you're struggling with your skin at the moment! I'm thinking of doing a YouTube video all about my skin journey from teenage years to now so if this is something you think you'd like then let me know!


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