Saturday 4 April 2015

Body Image Myths and Dressing for your Size


So I've been reading a few blog posts recently from people giving fashion advice. Some of which have been great, some of which... Not so much. Now I don't claim to be a fashion styling expert but before I started blogging, I actually set up my own personal styling business. I read up on the different body shapes and how to dress yourself in a away that accentuates your assets. I spent a good few months researching and reading until I felt confident that I could take on pretty much any client. So with all this in mind, and after hearing and reading a few bits of bad advice, I thought I'd dispel some of those naughty myths and pass on the things I've learnt.

"It doesn't matter what shape you are... You can wear it"
This is by far my most hated statement. It's a myth that any body shape can suit any item of clothing. Take me for example; I'm a slightly stumpy size 8. I bought myself a over sized "boyfriend" fit coat from Primark and when I wore it I looked like a 4 year old trying on my Dad's suit jacket. It just didn't work. In fact the whole "over sized" "boyfriend fit" trend just doesn't suit me. I'm not sure if it's my shape or my height but I just can't pull it off. Now similarly, I have a 19 year old friend who is a size 6 and looks fab in a crop top. She has a flat little stomach and is always tanned. Now myself, along with my other friends, are all in agreement that a crop top just wouldn't suit us. We don't frequent the gym enough to pull it off and the more "apple" shapes among us certainly wouldn't feel comfortable letting what we have round our middles go completely bare. And just to be completely clear; we're OK with that! We have other assets that we do love to show off :)

Embrace Your Body Shape
Don't label yourself as a dress size. I know loads of different people of all shapes and sizes and no one size is the same. Embrace your curves and your skinny bits; love your SHAPE and forget your size.

Your Body and Dieting
While we're talking about body image I figured we could touch on food and dieting too! Now I'm a firm believer of being healthy and strong which is why I try and eat well and go to the gym as much as I can. If the result of that is loosing a few pounds then great, but it certainly isn't the main focus for me. Now what works for me doesn't necessarily work for everyone else and I know that there will be some people reading this that are looking to start a diet to loose weight. My top tip for you would be to choose a diet that you can easily stick to like Slimming World. It's not too restrictive and means you can still be nutritionally well balanced (no juicing or any of that silly business). Also try to incorporate a little bit of exercise into your weekly routine; even if it's just a little jog round the block after work. The tried and tested way to keep healthy and loose weight is a good diet and regular exercise. Simples!

It's all About the Confidence
Gok Wan had a really good point. But confidence doesn't necessarily come first when it comes to clothes. Sometimes the clothes you wear can help you feel more confident which is why I think a strong understanding of what suits you best is key. As soon as you feel comfortable and naturally confident on the inside it will show on the outside. 

Dress for your Shape
I am such a strong believer of dressing for your shape, no matter what you're size. I can assure you you'll feel more comfortable too. Remember that time you squeezed yourself into those slightly too small jeans (come on.. We've all done it girls) and found yourself standing up for the entire day and not eating anything? I bet you'd have looked (and more importantly felt) a lot more comfortable in a pair of jeans that hugged you in all the right places and didn't cause you to almost pass out on the tube ride home. If a pair of skinny jeans results in you having to pass up food (and potentially breathing) it's just not worth the pain!

Understand and Embrace your Assets
When it comes to body image we spend too much time concentrating on the negatives and neglecting the positives. What's the point in thinking about the parts of your body you don't like? Think about a part of your body you're proud of and dress yourself around that making it the focal point. I bet you anything once you're done getting ready you'll feel a million dollars knowing a part of your body you love is on display.

I hope this post helped some of you! I'll be doing a video up on my YouTube channel soon where I'll be going into a little more detail about body image and also how to dress for your size. I'm also thinking about doing a video on my current exercise regime if any of you are interested? Let me know in the comments section below if you are!

I hope you all have a lovely Easter!

Lots of Love,

 *P.S If you're not sure on what body shape you are I'd recommend doing a little bit of research by heading on over to Shop Your Shape*

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