Sunday 29 March 2015

Updates and Up and Coming Blog Posts

Today's post is a bit of an update really. I've got lots of posts I'm looking to get up in the next few weeks and I wanted to give you guys a little peek at what's in store...

 Look Books and Outfit of the Day Posts
The weather looks like it's FINALLY starting to pick up so I'm looking to film my Spring/ Transition Look Book over the Easter bank holiday. Look Books also mean outfit of the day posts for the blog so keep your eyes pealed!

Beauty Reviews
I've been doing some online shopping recently (including an order for a total of 9 new lipsticks. I know. I'm mental) so expect to see a few beauty reviews up on the blog soon. I also bought a new candle from Pommes Frittes which I am SUPER excited about trying out. 

Lifestyle/ Organisation Posts
 A subscriber on my channel asked me to film a video about organisation so I thought I'd do a post on the blog too. If anyone has any ideas on good organisation ideas that they'd like me to mention then let me know! I'm looking to cover budgeting, filing, wardrobe/ makeup organisation and also a bit about general day to day organisation. Let me know what you think!

Beauty/ Skincare Hit and Misses
Another suggestion from a viewer over on my channel! I'm going to be filming a video on my beauty and skincare hit and misses. I'll be doing a blog post to compliment the video for anyone who's interested in seeing a few of the products that have disappointed me over the last few months and also the ones I've loved.

That's pretty much it for my up and coming posts. If any of you have any ideas for posts you'd like me to write or products you'd like me to review just let me know! And if you fancy having a look at my newest Updates video over on my YouTube channel click the link below:

Have a great week guys!

Lots of Love,

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