Sunday 22 February 2015

My Current Fashion and Beauty Favourites

Sorry for the lack of posts guys, I was on holiday the weekend before last and last weekend was Valentines day and I swore I'd not open my laptop! I think it's important to have some downtime now and again but I feel fully refreshed now and I'm ready to show you guys some lovely beauty and fashion related things!

I spent most of February shopping (sorry bank balance) so I've got quite a few bits I want to show you. I managed to get my hands on some seriously good wardrobe staples and also a couple of holy grail beauty and skincare products. 

First up I wanted to show you a few fashion and makeup bits I've been loving this month. Pretty much all of these items have come from my Feb shopping excursions so they are seasonally appropriate.. Or perfect for spring!

First up we have not my eye, but bronze/ copper shade eyeshadow. Now this isn't a new fave of mine as such, I've always loved copper shades for my lids, but while filming a recent video for my YouTube channel I fell back in love with the colour. Copper and bronze shades come in many different forms but my all time favourite has to be On & On Bronze by Maybelline. It's such a versatile shade and the creamy texture makes applying it a dream. I'm actually wearing a waterproof eye crayon in the shade Vintage by PH Cosmetics in this picture though which is another gorgeous creamy copper option for you lids!

Next up we have a slim gold headband from ASOS. Now I haven't worn Alice Bands for ages but I really loved the overall look it gave this up do. It kinda reminded me of being younger but with a bit of a chic mature twist. If you kinda see what I mean? I think I'll definitely be wearing this a lot more this year.

Picture number three is of my favourite item in my wardrobe at the moment. It's a green and black crop top from Topshop which I've been wearing so much recently! It goes so well with black skinny jeans and some black heals and just looks so effortlessly dressy without being too much.

Pictures four and five are of my favourite necklace and shirt combo at the moment. The necklace is from H&M and the shirt is from Very. Monochrome is really on trend at the moment and even though both items are simple in their own right, I just love how they work together to create a simple and chic look.

And finally we have picture number six; my favourite lipstick at the moment! It's MAC's Vegas Volt and I just think it's the perfect vibrant pinky coraly shade. It really works well with my skin tone and compliments my favourite Rimmel blusher perfectly.

Do any of you have any wardrobe or beauty products you're loving at the moment?

Lots of Love,

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