Monday 2 February 2015

The Vintage Fancies Edit: Umbrellas & Makeup Storage

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I mentioned a while back that I wanted to do a vintage series on my blog, so I thought I'd start things off with some little bits I bought myself last weekend. When I was younger I definitely wasn't interested in shopping for second hand clothes or accessories but as I've got older I've begun to appreciate the quality and class in things from previous decades. I can't help but look around the flea markets and antiques stores where I live and think of the immense amount of history each shop contains. I think there's something really special about owning an item with a past plus I get such a warm feeling when I know I've given something old a new home and a new lease of life.

I actually went out to find myself a hand mirror but I couldn't get my hands on a reasonably priced one so I opted for this gorgeous orange umbrella instead. My mum collects vintage umbrellas and I think her interest in them has rubbed off on me. I particularly like ones that have intricate detailing on the handles although this one is relatively plain. The little antique pencil case is going to be used for my makeup pencils. Makeup storage has to be modern to some extent but I still want to try and get as many vintage pots and boxes as I can to house anything I can! I appreciate vintage can't always be practical but having the odd piece really does make me feel comforted, as strange as that may sound!

Do any of you have a passion for vintage? If so I'd love to hear about the things you like to collect!

Lots of Love,


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