Friday 2 January 2015

Bills: My Favourite Place to Eat in Lewes

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I was born in Brighton but I've lived in or around Lewes for most of my life. I don't think there's a part of Lewes I haven't been to in my 26 years of living in the South East so I'd like to say I know it pretty well. I've seen lots of cafes and restaurants come and go; many were OK, some were fantastic and others I wasn't too sorry to see the back of. Bills on the other hand is a little different for me. 

If you've not heard of the Bills franchise then it's basically a set of restaurants around the country (I've lost track of how many there are now but I know there's definitely one in Lewes and Brighton and quite a few more dotted around). They provide a more rustic dining experience with good quality food and a bustling atmosphere. If you want to know more about them before reading on then feel free to take a look at their website HERE.

Now I personally think there's something a little more special about the Lewes Bills. Not only because it was the first restaurant in the chain but also because I remember it before it was Bills as we know it now. I remember when it was a green grocers. I must of been about 6 or 7 when I used to go in there with my mum to get our fruit and veg and I still remember how huge I used to think it was. It was cold, smelt healthy and earthy and I remember Bill with his jumper and gloves. The transformation to the restaurant was pretty instantaneous from what I remember; one day it was a green grocers and the next there were people queueing outside to get a table. It was the first restaurant that I was aware of that advertised a more rustic, family dining experience and since it's success, so many other places have tried to emulate that exact same thing. Bill truly was ahead of his game.

In terms of the dining experience it's exactly what I look for in a restaurant. During the day it's busy and friendly. The staff are always rushed off their feet with a constant stream of customers but I've never been left waiting for an unreasonable amount of time. The food is always consistently good; well presented, hearty and good quality. The flavours are put together perfectly and everything seems like its made with care. On November 4th 2013 I had my all time favourite steak there (to all you steak lovers out there, you know the importance of that favourite steak!) and the wine is always good. I like a good wine. During the evening they light the restaurant with candles and it's just so gorgeous and warming. I've been there two years running for a Christmas dinner and both times it was fantastic. 

The pictures above were taken on a busy Friday afternoon. I had the Bills Breakfast (served until 4pm as far as I know... Possibly all day at the weekends but don't quote me on that) accompanied by their Super Green smoothie (awesome by the way). We were in and out in about an hour and the service was perfect; not too involved but polite and chatty. Just what you want over a busy lunch. 

If you've not been to Bills in Lewes then I definitely recommend it. Whether it's for a romantic evening meal or a quick stop off while shopping I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. 

Lots of Love,

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