Wednesday 31 December 2014

A New Spin on Things for 2015

Still 32

A new year is fast approaching so I just wanted to write a little post about my plans, thoughts and general feelings surrounding 2015. I've done a video on my resolutions if you're interested in those and you can watch it here:

So a lot has happened this year. Some things I'm super happy about like the progress I've made on my blog and YouTube channel and some not so much! But with every year you tend to get positives and negatives and I'm pretty good at taking the rough with the smooth (how cringey did that sound?!) I think the main reason for me writing this post is to let you guys know what I'm planning on doing with my blog and YouTube channel for 2015. Of course I write and film for myself to a certain extent but my main drive is you guys so I like to keep you all in the loop! I really want to focus on quality in 2015. Followers of my YouTube channel may have noticed I've removed a few of the older videos; don't get me wrong it's not I don't like them I just want to go in a slightly different direction and it's hard to do that when the bulk of my videos aren't quite what I was hoping they would be. I'm a perfectionist so I'll never be completely happy with the posts I put out and the videos I film but I'm pretty sure I can get as close to pleased with my work as I can be in 2015. I want to show you guys a little bit more of my own style, something I feel like I lost this year, and also show you all a bit more of my personality. 

In terms of how I'm going to change things, I'm hoping to actually have a routine for posts and videos. That's not to say I'll stick to it all the time, a girls got to gym! (Again with that CRINGE!) But I want to try and upload two videos a week and two blog posts. 
So now onto content. I want it to be a bit of a surprise; I don't want you to know everything I'll be posting but my general aim is to put up quite a few outfit posts. I also want to do more guides on the basics; decent makeup tools, quality time capsule products and a few more high end reviews. What do you guys think? Let me know as I always appreciate feedback. I want to inject a bit of vintage into things too; I actually thought up the name Dizzy Miss Lizzy for a joint vintage clothes store my mum and I were going to create. Dizzy Miss Lizzy is the name of a Beatles song too; one of my favourite bands. One of my resolutions (that I actually neglected to put into my resolutions video!) is to collect some vintage clothes from charity shops, thrift stores and vintage shops to create a vintage wardrobe. I'm going to try and collect a few pieces a month, depending on how much money I have, and I'm planning on putting up a post a month on what I've bought. 

So there we have it! More vintage, less of what everyone else is doing but still more of the same. That's kind of a summary of what I've just written...... In hind sight I could have just written that and you'd have got the gist!

Anyway darlings! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I am sending out lots and lots of New Years hugs to all of you. Have a fantastic time and see you all in 2015!!

Lots of Love,

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