Tuesday 18 November 2014

Gift Guide: What to Get Him for Christmas

What to get hom for xmas

I've never actually done a gift guide for him so I thought I'd give it a go! There's loads of really lovely things out there, some of which you just wouldn't think to consider as present ideas. So with Christmas shopping for the men in our lives being such a minefield, I thought I'd create this little guide to limit the levels of despair you feel while trawling those shopping isles over the coming weeks! 

(from left to right)

ASOS Leather Bag - £55.00 - (HERE)
I think this bag is so smart! And perfect for any man who tends to carry quite a bit around with him for work. The man bag is totally acceptable now so don't feel uncomfortable about adding it to your Christmas shopping list. He's probably been hoping for an excuse to buy one himself anyway ;)

Zara Trench Coat - £129 - (HERE)
Trench coats have been in fashion for a while now and with such a simple design, I can see why. They look so classic and always smart, plus many of them are waterproof which bodes well for this wet looking autumn! This style comes in tan too, lovely!

Bang & Olufsen Headphones - £109 (HERE) (or limited colour selection for £59 HERE)
I showed my boyfriend these the other day and he was gutted I'd already bought his Christmas presents! If you don't know anything about Bang & Olufsen then put simply, they are one of the best speaker and surround sound engineers on the market. Their speakers are something really special; designed not only to look beautiful in your home but to project sound in a way you just never thought possible! The alternative design of these headphones is so sleek, perfect for someone who likes something a little different!

Fossil Watch - £114 - (HERE)
OK so I may have chosen this watch for the rose gold aspect alone. Maybe. But I do actually love it and I think the gold and blue go so well together. The design is one that I think will last due the classic dials and simple strap design. And let's be honest girls, a man can never have too many watches!

Jeffery West Brogues - £150 - (HERE)
Known for their elaborately designed footwear, Jeffery West has created some fantastically well made shoes over the years. Plus they're designed and made in England too which makes me happy! I love the simplicity of these brogues and also the boot aspect; much more winter appropriate as you can conceal those thick woolly socks ;)

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay Speaker - £299 - (HERE)
Meet the coolest portable speaker EVER! Possibly one of the most expensive pics on this shopping guide, but well worth the money. Any man who loves his gadgets and music would be chuffed to bits with this. Boasting true360 sound and 24 hour battery life I personally think it's well worth the money. And I'm sure he'll agree too!

 Bleu de Chanel - £71.99 - (HERE)
Aftershave is such a personal thing but I really don't think you can go wrong with Chanel. The scent of this is so timeless and something that men of all ages can appreciate. I love the simple bottle and the price tag? Meh. I know £70 is a lot to spend on an aftershave but just think of all those perfumes he's bought you over the years! And if he hasn't, then maybe it's time you dropped a serious hint!

So there we go! My Christmas guide for the men in your lives! Let me know if there's anything else you've added to your shopping lists as I'd love some more ideas myself!

Lots of Love,

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