Thursday 30 October 2014

Throw Back Thursday; My Life in Pictures

This weekend would have been my Grandma's Birthday, so to celebrate I thought I'd do a little (or possibly big...) blog post to show you some pictures of not only my lovely Grandma, but also the rest of my family and friends who have made my life so special. Unfortunately I lost my Grandma a few years ago and although I still miss her terribly, I think it's important to remember the good times and not dwell on the fact she is no longer here. I know that's what she would have wanted. Family was one of the most important things to my grandma, and I think it's something I've come to appreciate more and more over the years; especially since she passed away. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful family who support me through the bad times and are always there through the good ones. 

So, here you are! My life in pictures :)

This is me with my Mum in France. I think this is about 1989? How cool does she look?! I really want her shoes and also her trousers and top. Let's just skim over how unbelievably chubby I look...


This is me on the same holiday with my Dad. You'll see further down the picture list that me eating with food around my mouth is a recurring theme...! I can honestly say my Dad hasn't aged a bit either; I'm really hoping I've managed to hold onto those good genes! 


No idea where this is but I love how my hand is so small in comparison to that football! Still looking chubby though....


Now this is me in my first year of Primary school! It's probably the best picture of me throughout my school years to be honest... The rest tend to get a bit gappy. I wish my teeth had stayed that straight as well! My mum actually cut my hair for this picture, I think that was after I went at my long locks with some scissors while she was out of the room. Oops!


I have no idea when this was taken but from looking at the play area in the background, I think it was in my local park in Lewes. I don't know what happened to that teddy bear but those multi-coloured jellies and that dress are amazing! Wish I still had those...


Did anyone else get bird trainers coming into their school? Or was it just me? Either way here's me with a hawk. As you do. Oh and I'm rocking a double collar there as well which I can honestly say was a fashion statement that never really took off. I wonder why?


Here's me with my Grandma's partner Dave and his son Mark. A few things to point out here; firstly yes, those are bright orange and yellow flowery leggings that I'm wearing and secondly, Twisters are still my favourite ice cream.


This is a picture of me with my Grandma and my great uncle Norman (my Grandma's brother). We were visiting a zoo in Portugal; check out the parrots haha!


Here's my Grandma with my auntie Carol. This was taken during a holiday in Blackpool... I know I should be concentrating on so many more things in this picture but all I can see is the Clinton's bags; they only changed that branding about a year or so ago?!


This is me and my Mum at her wedding in California. I can't remember exactly how long ago this was but I was about 11 or 12 I think. I have no idea what mum was saying to me here but I look really grumpy!!


Here's me and mum after her wedding. I'm pretty sure we were in Paris when this picture was taken, I must have been about 12. Great dungarees even if I do say so myself.


I think this picture was taken in France? I was eating my favourite; crepes with chocolate sauce! Although it might not look like it, the chocolate round the mouth was actually intentional. Promise!


This is a picture of two of my three sisters and my step dad. Alice is the one with chocolate cake all around her face and Bibi is the one pulling her hair! This must be almost 10 years ago now?! They've grown up a lot since and look completely different... Scary how quickly time goes!

IMG_3054 IMG_3055 IMG_3056 IMG_3053

These pictures are of all my childhood pets! So top to bottom we have Sandy and Bessy, Then we have a close up of Sandy, Next it's my old cat Sweepy and finally my first ever dog Josh; he was petrified of thunderstorms and fireworks and used to try and eat his way out of the house!


This picture looks so old! Mainly because of how young my sister looks; It wasn't even taken that long ago! So this is me with my sister Mahli, my Dad and my Grandad. My hair looks so short and I can safely say I've lost a bit of weight since then...!!


Here's a moody shot of me staring out of my old bedroom window in Lewes! My mum still lives in this house with my two sisters and her partner. The dress I'm wearing is one of my great grandmothers. Not sure the hooped earrings match though!

IMG_3050 IMG_3032

My sisters Alice and Bibi again; Petit Filous on the beach and pink witches! Haha!


This is my Dad and my Step Mum Tracey on the Brighton Eye! They've been together since I was 6 so Tracey is pretty much my 2nd mum! Their daughter Mahli is my youngest sister and although she's not technically related to my other two sisters, Bibi and her are best friends which is really lovely.


This is a picture of me and my boyfriend David at my friends Will and Emily's wedding a year or so ago. We've been together for almost 2 years now! I'm doing a great angry tiger pose here and Dave looks great with an eye patch!


A few months ago we went to America. We visited some amazing places, including Vegas, San Francisco, The Grand Canyon and LA. We had an awesome time and met some fantastic people. I miss it there so much and would love to go back again soon.


And finally here's a picture of me with the Brighton Jamie's Italian crew. Can you spot me?! I only worked here for a short time but I got to meet Jamie himself and also Gennaro! Both of them were lovely and Jamie even did some cooking for us. Safe to say it was the yummiest dinner I'd ever eaten!

I hope you enjoyed this post! It was really fun to put together, especially going through all my old pictures!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Lots of Love,
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