Monday 5 May 2014

Someone's Been Shopping....

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The last week has been a bit stressful at work for me & when I'm stressed, I shop. I also found out I shop when I'm hung over too - potentially the best cure ever?!

There were two shopping trips in total... Yep. I went crazy twice in one week which hasn't done my bank balance any good AT ALL. But, I can honestly say I feel a hell of a lot better so I think the retail therapy was worth it! Trip one has been documented in a haul video here:

Trip 2 was made after filming so I thought I'd document this in a blog post instead... I do love to mix things up a bit!

In the pictures at the top of this post I am wearing a new dress that I bought from Primark in Crawley. I wasn't so sure about it on the hanger but oh my god am I pleased I bought it! It's so lovely on and it makes me feel a million dollars! I have just finished filming a video entitled "3 Summer Outfits" which features this dress so I'll make sure I publish the link to this on here so you can see how I'm planning on wearing it.

Next I headed over to Superdrug AGAIN. I was desperate for some Sleek makeup and I also had my eye on another Revlon lipstick. The "Matte Me" lip gloss is the same one I'm wearing in the picture at the top. It's a gorgeous colour and it wears so well. It has absolutely no shine but to be honest I really like that - I'm so used to shiny lipsticks it's nice to have a bit of a change. The Blush by 3 palette is their Lace one. I've wanted this for ages now and the colours are so lovely! There are so many blog posts on this blush palette so I wasn't planning on doing any swatches but if you'd like some comment below and I'll reconsider ;) The Sleek lipstick is from their True Colour range and is in the colour Barely There. I'm planning on seeing how this wears throughout the week along with the Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait - I promise I'll do a proper review on these as soon as I've given them a proper run in!

Lastly I headed to Lush. They have these tubes you can get where you fill them up, take them home and when they're empty you can take them back and fill them up again! Me and the boyf went back in there and made our selections after emptying ours last month. I bought a few bubble bars and 2 bath bombs to fill mine up; I've found I seriously need these after a stressful day at work so Lush are my saviours at the moment! 

Did any of you manage to fit in any retail therapy over the bank holiday weekend?

Lots of Love

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