Sunday 27 April 2014

Missguided Spring Wishlist - Shop the Look!

Misguided CLothing

I've been doing some serious drooling over the new Spring fashion collections recently. The high street and online stores seem to have rolled everything I love about style and colour up into one big ball and started selling it all! And in some cases at such reasonable prices too. So with this in mind, I thought I'd do a few feature blog posts for each shop showing you my favourite Spring pieces. First up - Missguided! They have some gorgeous pastel jumpers that I can't wait to get my hands on and their collection of shorts and skirts are a-mazing. 

Pic 1 - I love a slouchy jumper and this one is such a gorgeous colour. Perfect worn with some white skinnies, light coloured shorts/ skirts or over the top of a white summer dress. 

Pic 2 - Similar to the slouchy jumper but just in a slightly different shape. I think this would look ideal with some light blue or white skinny jeans and some neon yellow or green accessories. 

Pic 3 - I seriously need the sandals in my life?! They're a silver colour but they also have a slight rainbow effect on them too. They'd look amazing with a pastel yellow summer dress or some white shorts. 

Pic 4 - Missguided have so many colour variations on the skinny jean for Spring; there's loads of gorgeous pastel colours but my favourite are these light blue ones. I think they'd look good with a cream blouse and some gold flats or a white crop top and some white sandals.

Pic 5 - I have a maxi dress from Missguided which has the same aztec print on the bodice. I think this design is so original and works perfectly with these shorts! I'd wear this with a black box shape crop top or a sleeveless black shirt. Perfect for a Spring night out! 

Pic 6 - I love the design on these shorts! I can just picture them being worn with a white shirt and some metallic wedges. Add an oversized straw hat and you're looking at a perfect Summer holiday outfit!

Pic 7 - I really like the original hemline of this skirt plus the lace gives it such a feminine look. If you're an office worker I think this matched with a white fitted shirt would look perfect. 

Pic 8 - The skater skirt is really in this season alongside the skater dress. I love the colour of this Missguided one and the mesh trim really gives it a unique edge. I think this would look lovely with a crop top and some white strappy sandals. 

Pic 9 - I really like the light material of this shirt and the colour is so on trend for Spring. You could wear this with white skinny jeans for a day look or some black skinnies and heals for a night look.

So I hope this post has given you some inspiration for some Spring shopping! Make sure you head on over to the Missguided website if you want to pic up any of the items above -

Lots of Love,

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