Thursday 24 April 2014

Spring Nails

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Spring wouldn't be complete without Spring inspired nail polishes so I thought I'd give you a snapshot of my Spring nail varnish collection! 

Nail varnish is probably one of my favourite things ever. Even over chocolate (yep... I said it). I cannot leave Boots without buying at least one new colour and the routine of painting my nails leaves me feeling SO satisfied. I think it's a girl thing isn't it?

My favourites from the pictures above, if I HAD to choose, would be the MUA pink colour (3rd picture down on the left hand side), the Barry M Mint Green colour, the Models Own scented pink (the one on the right) and the Chanel pinky orangey colour. The MUA and Models Own pinks are my favourites because of their unique shades. I love pink but I find that the selection in the shops can be pretty samey. These two really seemed a little different to me which is why I bought them! The Chanel one was a present from my friend Sascha. It's such a gorgeous colour and I literally love my nails when I'm wearing it! Plus it's Chanel. 'nuf said! The Barry M Mint Green bottle is the ultimate Spring shade. I love wearing this when the sun is shining with a cute off white blouse. It looks so lovely on toes too!

As you can see from the pictures above, I went with the Chanel today! :)

What's your favourite Spring nail varnish?

Lots of Love 

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