Saturday 22 March 2014

Brush Me Up: Guess Who's Bought Some New Makeup Brushes!?

Over the last few months I've been making some serious changes to my makeup collection. One of my new year's resolutions for 2014 was to acquire myself a significant collection of must have make up items.... Which essentially means I have given myself a license to spend an obscene amount of money in Boots & SpaceNK on a regular basis (oh my gooood it's so easy to DO). With all this in mind, I decided to update my make up brushes. I've always used my trusted MAC foundation brush but I'd heard about all the other types out there and thought I may as well give them a try. I decided to head to E.L.F, aka Eyes Lips Face, for my brushes. They do really lovely, affordable makeup and their brushes looked good quality while still being affordable.

It took me a while to narrow down my requirements from the collection on their website. There's a good few pages of what could potentially seem like the same brush to the untrained eye! But I had a good idea on what I was after. I wanted a contour brush that could double up as a blusher brush, because I'm planning on purchasing the Sleek contour kit next weekend. I have also had it up to HERE with my current blusher brush because it's so huge and basically gives me the kind of rouged cheeks you'd expect to see on your Aunt Nora. I was also on the lookout for a lovely round, fluffy eye shadow brush as well as an angled eyebrow brush and a stipple brush for my foundation.

E.L.F had everything I was after and it was all at a really affordable price. I'm not one for spending a huge amount of money on something I've never actually tried and tested before so with that in mind, they were the company for me! 

So I've been using my new brushes for the last 2 weeks now and they've really made a difference, especially my new eyes hadow brush; it's slightly angled so it makes blending really easy. The stipple brush (the one with the all black handle and white tip) is fab - I use it by putting a little foundation on the back of my hand and dabbing the spikey ends of the brush into it. I then apply my foundation to my face in a circular motion. I really think it gives a much more even coverage than just using a foundation brush and really rubs it in. I still use my MAC brush for my nose creases and for blending my concealer. My new blusher brush is so much better and is actually the right size for my cheeks... YAY! I also bought an angled eyebrow brush (the other all black handled one in the picture above). I use it in conjunction with my new E.L.F eyebrow kit. I find both really useful for creating a natural eyebrow.

So, all in all I would recommend investing in a decent selection of makeup brushes. If you're like me and a bit of a makeup brush newbie, then I would definitely recommend E.L.F for all your "newbie brush" needs. Good prices and good quality. FAN-TASTIC!

Let me know what brush makes you use and if you like the E.L.F products as much as I do!

Lots of Love DMLx

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