Friday 28 February 2014

Hair Care Shmair Care

Hey guys!

Before I get started on this weeks blog, I'm going to give you the link to my most recent Youtube video... You know. In case you fancy taking a peek at some bits and bobs I picked up at a recent Boots and Primark shopping trip.... I fricking love a good haul!!!

Anywho, back to the blog...! I wanted to write a post on hair care this week. It's not something I've been particularly good at over the past few years, but writing these blogs and doing my Youtube videos has made me want to try new things so I can report back and tell you all about them! With that in mind, I purchased a few new fun things last weekend for my hair.....

Number one on my shopping list was some kind of hot oil treatment. I desperately want my hair to get long quickly and I had read that hot oil treatments can help, mainly by keeping the hair healthy and the scalp in good nick! So I went to Boots and picked up Vo5's Nourishing Shine Hot Oil's. I really like Vo5's products at the moment - I have their hairspray, which I love, and I also have their Smoothly Does It Tame and Shine spray which I love too. The hot oil really impressed me... You heat it up by either putting the bottle in your bath or in a warm glass of water. You then put the golden solution on wet hair before you shampoo and keep it on for about a minute, wash it off with shampoo and then carry on wih your usual conditioning regime if you have one. Once I'd dried my hair I was really happy with the finished result; my hair was hydrated and soft and still felt light - the solution isn't actually that oily so you don't feel like you're going to be left with really greasy hair! Full on thumbs up for me and totally worth it's £4.99 price tag. Bargain!!

My second shopping list item was a hair serum. I wanted something I could put on damp hair pre styling but I also wanted something that I could put on my hair in the mornings to tame fly aways and smooth down dry ends. With that in mind I was drawn towards Schwarzcopf's Diamond Colour Illuminating Oil. There was quite a large choice in terms of hair serum products in Boots but this one promised it would illuminate my hair and also had a UV filter. Also, I've always quite liked the Schwarzkopf products. SO.... My verdict? A really lovely product!! It' makes my hair feel like silk, it definitely smooth's down my dry ends and it makes my hair look really hydrated. I'm yet to try it on wet hair as a pre style product but as a "straight onto dry hair" serum it gets my full on approval. It costs £5.49 from Boots so it's not the cheapest serum on the market. It's bloody good though!!

So there you are guys.... My first steps towards a real life grown up hair routine has begun! If you don't use serums and pre wash products already and are sick of having dry lifeless hair like I was, then I'd definitely recommend them!

If you have any hair products that you love and can't live without get in touch! I'm always up for trying something new and I really love hearing all about the items you enjoy using :)

Lots of Love,
Dizzy Miss Lizzy

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