Sunday 20 August 2017

Home is Where the Cosiness is

I don't know many people who don't enjoy feeling cosy. It's probably one of the main reasons I love Autumn so much; there's something really comforting about putting your favourite pyjamas on and getting under the covers when you know it's cold out. Now I'm aware it's still summer and I'm in no rush for the (marginally) warmer weather to leave. I'm going to be sad to say goodbye to the long days and evening strolls down the beach. 

As I've recently moved house and had a new room to dress up exactly how I like, I've been spending a lot more time staying in. My bed is by far my favourite thing in the world, aside from pizza, and there's nothing I enjoy more than getting all snuggled up in it and watching a film. I have a few routine things I do before I get comfortable. These are the kind of things I do before I get into bed or alternatively, if I'm feeling a bit down, I'll go through this routine to cheer me up. 

First up I get my comfy clothes on. I have a jumper that I got from Ebay a while ago that says "KALE" on the front; I'm pretty sure Beyonce has one quite similar and as a fellow Kale lover I thought it was a pretty cool play on the "YALE" design. I usually put this on with some joggers or some fleece pyjama bottoms when it's a little cooler. 

During the summer months I tend to wear light pyjama sets. Anything made of silky material will usually do. I've been loving this embroidered set from Primark; It's completely see-through but at the end of the day who's going to see it aside from you and your partner?! If I'm feeling a little self conscious then I wear a bandeau bra underneath until I get under the covers. 

After I've changed into something more comfortable I always take my makeup off. I've been using the Nivea Makeup remover for the last few months and I've really been loving it. I bought it on a random food shop at Tesco back in January as I'd run out of my Body Shop Cleansing Oil and I needed something that would suit my sensitive skin. I've re purchased this twice now and I'm super impressed!

So my makeup is off and I'm in my comfy clothes. It's time to get the ambience in my room all sorted. I've been obsessing over the new P F Candle Co candle and reed diffuser recently. They have a new scent out called Pinon and it just smells gorgeous! Such a homely warm scent and really strong smelling without being over powering. I have the reed diffuser in my room all the time but when I'm feeling like I want a bit of a fragrance boost I'll put the soy candle on as well. Lights go off, and I'm in my perfect little cosy place.

Once I'm settled I'll either read a book or watch something on my laptop. I'm really into Game of Thrones at the moment, so much so I managed to binge watch series 1 - 6 in about a month; just goes to show how many "cosy" evenings I've been having! Now we're on series 7 and I have to wait a week for each episode I tend to watch films or a Netflix series. House of Cards is a firm favourite of mine or Orange is the New Black. 

Do you have a special "cosy" routine?

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