Sunday 11 December 2016

Welcome Back | Honesty

Firstly I just wanted to say sorry for not posting in what seems like forever. I don't know why I've neglected my blog so much since summer. I guess I've just had other things on my mind and I've struggled to keep up with the blog writing, filming for YouTube and updating my other social media platforms. It's a pretty shit excuse to be honest but there it is in black and white. Now I'm reading it back it basically just reads "I've not really been making enough of an effort". But I'm hoping things will start to change in the new year. 

This post isn't going to be particularly profound or long. I just wanted to touch base and let you guys know I've not given up on blog writing. I'm not going to lie though I've been finding the whole thing really disheartening recently. I put a post up and I get zero comments. I publish a video and I get the odd comment and my subscribers go down. Sometimes it can feel like you're writing and filming to publish this content and no ones listening or reading. Theres absolutely no point in wallowing in self pity though and I am aware that there's a certain amount of effort I need to put in to get something back from my followers. The minimum is to at least publish a post! 

- M O V I N G  F O W A R D -
So... Moving onto the future of the blog and my channel and generally me and my content. I kind of feel like I've not really been myself over the last few years. When I look back at the things I've written, it's definitely me but in most cases, it's a bit of a muted me and I'm not comfortable with that. So going forward there's going to be a bit more honesty, a bit more about how I feel and my opinions. A bit more creativity. I'm generally just hoping that I can portray me a little more in what I write and what I create. Starting with these pictures. I felt like experimenting with a different look this weekend and this was the outcome. I appreciate it's not like my usual content but I figure it's time to be a little more experimental and controversial. I'm like that with my friends so why not be like that with you guys?

I really hope you like the me I start to share with you over the next year and beyond. I felt that the end of a quite frankly shit year was as good a time as any to embark on this journey of honesty so... Here we go! Step one. 

See you soon X

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