Wednesday 13 January 2016

My Top Tips for Wedding Guests in 2016

We're only 2 weeks into the New Year and the wedding invitations are already coming in! I love a good wedding. The vows, the outfits, the dancing; it's a guaranteed good day made so much better by the romance of a couple saying "I do".

Now a wedding wouldn't be a wedding without guests. They are what makes the day so special, aside from the couples vows! I can't imagine a situation where I wouldn't want to attend a wedding, and what with them being planned so far in advance, you usually get enough time to clear your schedule to ensure you can make it. 

Loads of my friends already have 3 or 4 invitations to weddings this year, and a few more lined up after the Christmas proposals! We are already discussing outfit ideas, and how we can recycle one or two dresses for multiple events. With the Facebook pictures in mind, we're all trying to figure out how we can wear that favourite dress and make it look unique and different each time. It's definitely possible; think multiple accessories and a few different hair styles. You'll be amazed what a slight change in both areas can do to a look of a dress. 

When it comes to the wedding photos you want to make sure you're looking your best too. Loads of people are using documentary wedding photographers now which means you won't even know you're being photographed. I personally prefer the natural looking photos from a wedding over the staged ones. A natural smile is always so much more flattering!

Don't forget the meal too! Most weddings involve a sit down meal and if it's a new partners friends wedding you're heading to you might find that you'll be sitting on a table with people you don't know quite so well. If you're not great at starting conversations with strangers, now could be the ideal time to begin. Ask questions about the bride and groom and how they know them. Admire their outfits and introduce them to other people you know to help gather support with your small talk!

Don't gorget to bring a gift, even if it's just something small. Don't expect it to be opened on the day; it's normal for newly married couples to take their gifts home and unwrap them after the wedding. Perhaps even after the honeymoon if they are going quite soon after the wedding. 

If you've been given a role at the wedding, don't forget to offer your help when needed. Bridesmaids perhaps consider offering the bride help with a makeup retouch or even just a hand putting a few things away. You'd be amazed how busy it is hosting a wedding, even for the bride and groom on their big day!

Finally it's important you have fun! Spend lots of time on the dance floor speaking to your friends and family, and enjoy getting all dressed up for the special occasion. I'd recommend pacing yourself with the alcohol if you can, especially if you're going to the day and also the night time celebrations. It can be hard when wine and champagne is flowing though I appreciate that!

Enjoy yourselves guys! And be sure to share your wedding dress outfits and pics with me on Twitter @hellodizzylizzy


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