Wednesday 25 November 2015

The TMI Edition - Facial Hair

There's some subjects that are classed as a bit TMI, and facial hair and the removal of it is one of those subjects. Now I think it's important to talk about the little struggles us girls have when it comes to hair removal. I mean what if someone out there has some cheap, fool proof way of getting rid of those pesky strands for good but doesn't feel like they can share it with the world because they are too embarrassed to talk about it? Now that really would SUCK. 

For us ladies, one of the biggest problems when it comes to facial hair removal is knowing the best method to go for. Do we dive in and do it ourselves or do we get a professional to do it? Do we wax or tweeze? Epilate or thread? Even thinking about it makes me wince.

- D I Y   M E T H O D S -

If you opt for the DIY method, there's a few options. First up we have WAXING, which is probably the most popular. When you wax you rip the hair out at the root, getting rid of it for a good few weeks until the hair starts to form new roots and grow back. I'm not going to lie, waxing can hurt. But it is incredibly effective and leaves your skin feeling completely hair free. You can also grab yourself a home waxing kit from pretty much any drugstore for £5-£10. Bargain!

Next up for the DIY methods we have TWEEZING. I love this method for a good mid week fix between shaving or waxing when little hairs can creep back. I wouldn't recommend using this method on large areas as you'll be there all day, but it's great for small areas. 

HAIR REMOVAL CREAM is another one of my faves, especially for the face. This method is completely pain free and can be really effective on fine hair. It's not so great on the course ones though and can cause stubble to from while it grows back, a little like shaving. But if you're someone who is afraid of the pain of some of the more intrusive methods, this is a great option.

- P R O F E S S I O N A L   H A I R   R E M O V A L -

If you'd rather leave the hair removal to the professionals then there's a load of options to choose from. What about LASER TREATMENT? It's one of the best methods out there, mainly because the results are permanent; treatment can be a little painful but the hair won't grow back. It can be a little pricey as you usually need a good few sessions to get the desired results however if you tally up how much you spend on razors and waxing in a lifetime, it probably evens out!

If inflicting pain on yourself isn't an option then you can always opt for PROFESSIONAL WAXING. If I'm going to wax my face I usually do it myself but anywhere else and I leave it to a professional. Salons use melted wax which tends to give better results than the set wax you get with most DIY kits, and there's no denying the results are usually a lot better! 

What's your favourite form of hair removal for facial hair? Do you find one method suits all areas or do you use a mixture of methods?


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