Saturday 22 August 2015

My Guide to Holiday Planning

Badwater Basin, CA

I love going on holiday but I'm not going to lie, I absolutely hate the pre planning stress of it all. The packing (ARGH!) The transfer bookings, losing passports, finding passports, leaving passports behind (just me?) Don't get me wrong the prospect of a sunny, sand filled beach at the other end makes it all completely worthwhile, I'd just quite like it if the pre holiday stuff could remain as stress free as possible. 

This year is a holiday free year for me, but that doesn't mean I can't keep you guys up to date on my top tips for pre holiday planning. Here's a few things I try to cover pre flight to ensure I remain as relaxed as I can:

Plan Well in Advance
I love a good plan. I find it makes me feel so much more relaxed especially when it comes to holidays and travelling. Make sure you've given yourself enough time to pack and don't forget to buy all your toiletries in good time. It's also important to research where you're going to be changing up your money; you want to ensure you're getting the best deal!

Create an Itinerary
It doesn't need to be regimented, just something you can refer to so you know where you'll be on what days. I find an itinerary is ideal for city breaks as there's always so much to cram in within a relatively short space of time. Did you know you can even find ready made itinerary's online? How handy is that?!

Book With a Reputable Company
If you're planning on going all inclusive and want stress free luxury then be sure you're booking your holiday with a company you trust. Do your research and don't be scared to ask questions; it's your holiday and you want to be sure that everything been covered!

Don't Over Pack
We've all been there; packing half our wardrobes and sitting on the suitcase willing it to close so you can get that zip shut! Those 10 pairs of sandals were totally necessary, as were the 15 strap tops, 8 bikinis and 7 maxi dresses. The heavier the suitcase, the sweatier you're going to get dragging it through the boiling cobbled streets trying to get to your hotel. Try to stick to packing the essentials and go for handy travel size toiletries to save on space! 

Plan Time to Relax
Holidays are just as much about activities as they are about relaxing so be sure to plan some downtime. The last thing you want is to come home more exhausted than you were before you left!

Keep Your Hand Luggage "Handy"
Be sure to pack anything you might need into your hand luggage to ensure it's easy to get hold of. My hand luggage tends to include sunscreen, sunglasses, moisturiser and lip salve as well as plasters, hand cream and a little bit of makeup. Just be sure to stick to the airport rules when it comes to carrying liquid onto the plane.  

Purchase Travel Insurance
If something bad does happen, you need to know you're covered. Don't be tempted to go away without purchasing travel insurance, even if it's just a short break. The stress of falling ill or losing something valuable just isn't worth the £20 you can spend for complete peace of mind. 

Enjoy your holidays guys! 


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