Sunday 24 May 2015

Review: NARS All Day Luminous Powder Foundation

Stills2 Stills NARS Illuminous Powder

I've been wanting to do a review of this stuff for quite a while now but I felt it was only fair I gave it a full test drive before hand. First impressions can sometimes be deceiving so after a good month or so of wear I felt it was time to spill the beans. 

So why did I go for the powder over the liquid? I know NARS have a liquid version of this foundation which is way more popular but I'm going to be honest... I'm not a huge fan of the NARS liquid foundation colour tones. I find them all pretty yellowy and although yellowy tones look great on camera, they don't look so good when you're out and about in daylight. I figured a powder might be a little more forgiving if the colour wasn't bang on. I was colour matched with Deauville in the end which is different to my usual Fiji shade. 

What about the coverage? Isn't it a bit on the light side? I'm not a heavy coverage kind of girl to be honest so the liquid version of this foundation didn't really appeal to me; marketed as being high coverage (even higher than Sheer Glow?!) I had a feeling we wouldn't get on. For me the mineral powder version was a sure bet to ensure I got the coverage I was after. I'd say this is medium to light; pretty buildable and even on the more medium to heavy side if you combine it with a decent concealer.

 What about application? I use a wet Beauty Blender to apply this which really is the best way in my opinion. When used dry I'd say it's more on the average side. That being said I've only ever tried it with a dry sponge once! And never with a powder brush. I might have to come back to you on that! 

What's the wear like? The wear time is probably the only downside to this foundation. You get about 4 maybe 5 hours of wear out of it before you need a good re touch. I also find it sinks into the chin and under eye area a bit giving you a weird blotchy look. Not ideal! However for a lazy weekend day when you're not applying your makeup until early afternoon and taking it off early evening it's perfectly fine. It's also worth while to note I have quite oily skin. Those of you with dry skin might get a longer wear time out of it. 

Pros? Overall I'd say the finish is lovely, it's light weight and very natural. Perfect for good skin days.

Cons? It doesn't last as long as other mineral and liquid foundations and doesn't wear particularly well after 4+ hours.

I'd definitely re purchase this as a daytime/ weekend/ good skin foundation option. However it's definitely not a holy grail foundation for me.

Have any of you guys tried the NARS Luminous All Day Powder Foundation? And if you have, what did you think of it?

Lots of Love,

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