Sunday 22 March 2015

My Skincare Routine and Favourites


About 4 months ago my skin started to feel a bit "meh". Over time it had slowly gotten dull, slightly patchy and bumpy in areas it never used to be. I'm not sure if it was my age (I'm 26) or if my general skin type had changed but I knew I needed to rectify the situation. After a few days deliberation I made the decision to completely change my current skincare regime and go for more high end products. I wasn't looking for extreme high end (I didn't want my skin to get used to products I couldn't afford to repurchase) just good quality products I could completely invest in.

Now.... Onto the plan! I decided that if I was going to stick to one set of products I needed to do my research pre shop. I wasn't prepared to fork out my hard earned cash on products that weren't going to cut it. And let's be honest I'd been doing that quite a bit up until now and it hadn't gotten me very far. I was also conscious of the effect chopping and changing products could actually have on my skin. So... After a few days research and lots of recommendations from friends and fellow bloggers I was sold on the products I wanted to invest in. And here they are!

I actually did a full review of this HERE if you're looking for a complete run down of how much I love this stuff. But in short, it's amazing. Makeup glides off in seconds and it leaves your skin feeling super clean and soft. I can't imagine going back to standard makeup removers now. 

I went back to this after using up my last tube (tube? Is that right?) And I' m so glad I did. I feel like my skin has had a proper clean when I use this. The smell isn't too overpowering and the fact it kind of forces you to use a flannel or muslin cloth is definitely a bonus. 

I love this stuff! The smell is weirdly addictive; think of your Grandma's greenhouse but on the slightly more sweet side. Sounds crazy but I promise you it works! It hydrates and really absorbs well into the skin. Fantastic for mornings when you're in a rush and can't spare 5-10 mins for your moisturiser to sink in. I sometimes mix it with a few drops of face oil at night just to give it an extra boost. 

This stuff is pretty hard core to be honest. It's unlike any toner I've used before. It really does remove dirt and any excess makeup you may have missed during your morning or evening cleanse. The only thing I will say is it can be super drying. That's not too bad for me as I have quite oily skin and I use an intensive treatment on my face at night but for those of you with dry skin you may want to steer clear. It works really well for me though plus I love the smell of Tea Tree!

I was sent this by Noer Organics a few weeks ago and I've been using it a lot, mainly as a night time intensive treatment as it's completely oil based. I love the smell; very natural and herbal. My face feels unbelievably soft the next morning after I've used it. I actually swap between this oil and my Clarins Lotus oil (full review HERE). Both are fantastic night treatments and sort out any dry, bumpy skin you may have without leaving your skin feeling oily. At £145 this isn't a cheap option but a little goes a very long way. I think this will last me most of the year to be honest.

I personally think it's really important to incorporate an eye treatment into your skin care routine. I want to fend off those bags for as long as humanly possible and if adding some of this stuff morning and night helps me do that then you've got me sold! I think eye creams can be very subjective (yep... Subjective eye creams) but this stuff certainly does the job of hydrating and illuminating my under eye area. I'm looking to get a more intensive eye cream for night at the moment but this one is amazing for daytime. It has a slightly iridescent shine to it which hides those pesky purple bags. Grr!

So, there you have it! My current skincare routine/ skincare favourites/ skincare products. There are a few added extras that I've not included such as face masks and exfoliators but these guys are my bread and butter and therefore the most important! 

If you're interested in seeing how I use these products on my actual face (yes.. FACE ACTION!) Then have a look at my recent Evening Routine video over on my YouTube channel:

If any of you have a skincare product you can't live without I'd love to hear about it! Do you all have a strict skincare routine or are you a little less regimented than me?! Let me know!

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