Sunday 7 December 2014

My Favourite Festive Nail Polishes

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Christmas just wouldn't be the same for me without festive nails. Dark reds and glittery golds are by far my favourite shades and they just go so well with all my winter clothes and party dresses!

I thought I'd show you a few of my favourite wintry shades that I'll be wearing most over the next few weeks. I love looking at other peoples nail varnish collections so I hope I manage to inspire a few of you! Especially if you're getting a little tired of your current selection. 

First up we have a dinky little nail varnish from MUA! At £1 this is the cheapest one from my selection but that certainly doesn't mean it's not good quality. I personally love the shades they have on offer at the moment and this red is the perfect Christmas red for me!

Next I have a glittery polish from L'Oreal. Now I love this but I will say that it has a tendency to get a little gloopy. I use this one to create a glitter ombre effect on the base of my nails so it doesn't matter too much if it's a bit sticky but still... I'd expect a little more for an above average price! That being said though, I love the size and shade of the glitter in this varnish and I think it's perfect if you're looking to glam up your nails!

Moving on, we have my favourite colour of my collection at the moment! It's my first and only Essie polish and the shade is called Jamaica me Crazy. I absolutely adore this shimmery purple, it just makes my nails look gorgeous! I think I might paint my nails with this one for the Christmas party next weekend....

Onto the second picture down, I have a glittery gold nail varnish by Models Own. I love gold glitter, I think it looks lovely on nails and it's so festive! I sometimes paint my nails one colour and then paint one of my nails in this shade just to mix things up a bit. You could do that with the MUA red in fact; very Christmassy! 

I've picked another Models Own shade for this selection, this one is called Northern Lights. I just love the pinky shade of the glitter. I wanted this nail varnish for ages but every time I went into Boots to pick it up it was sold out! Earlier this year I finally managed to get my hands on it and I've worn it so many times since. It looks great on it's own or over the top of a French Manicure pink or cream.

Last but not least I have another golden shade from Makeup Revolution. This is a little more subtle than the Models Own glittery gold, and was certainly cheaper. I really like the iridescent look this has while it's on your nails. It's really easy to build up and has great staying power. I think this is the perfect nail varnish for those of you who aren't quite ready to go all out on the Christmas nails just yet....

So that's it for my Christmas nail varnish selection! Do you guys have a favourite polish for this time of year?

Lots of Love,
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