Sunday 26 October 2014

My Favourite Autumn Lipsticks

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Left to right: Kate Moss for Rimmel Shade 19, MAC Rebel, Apocalips Aurora, MUA Shade 1

 One thing I love about autumn is the fact I can dig out my berry lipsticks and vamp things up a bit. So with this in mind, I thought I'd show you guys my favourite autumn inspired lipsticks! I'm still working on my collection at the moment but I have 4 that I'm really loving; they've been in my handbag for at least 2 weeks so that says enough right?! All of them are drugstore brands so totally affordable. Which is good considering we're only 8 weeks away from Christmas!

Kate Moss for Rimmel - Shade 19 (£5.49 HERE)
This is a kind of berry, nude colour. Dark enough for autumn without being too over powering. I love wearing this during the day because it goes so well with a natural eye. The consistency of this lipstick is quite creamy, not matte but definitely not shimmery. It's not too drying either and it has great staying power. 

MUA Lipstick - Shade 1 (£1 HERE)
This is by far my favourite autumn lipstick at the moment. And it only costs £1?! It's such a gorgeous deep red and it stays on your lips for ages, surprising for such a cheap brand. It's good for day or night, but I enjoy wearing for a night out with a smokey eye. 

MAC's Satin Lipstick - Rebel (£15.50 HERE)
OK so maybe I lied a bit about these all being drugstore lipsticks, but I don't think MAC is too expensive to be honest, especially considering the quality you get for your money. And the smell of their lipsticks... There's nothing better! This is such an iconic colour and perfect for a night out. It's by far the vampiest lipstick shade I own but it was my first ever one by MAC so it holds a special place in my heart. 

Apocalips Lip Lacquer by Rimmel - Aurora (£6.49 HERE)
This is less of a lipstick and more of a lip gloss really, but I'm putting it in my collection regardless! The Apocalips collection from Rimmel is fab; amazing colours and such good quality! They last for hours but still keep your lips hydrated which is perfect for the colder months.

Have you got any favourite lipsticks for this season?

Lots of Love,

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