Monday 25 August 2014

The Summer Edit: EYES

makeup rev iconic 1 makeup rev iconic 3 On and On Bronze makeup rev baked mono

So here we are, the last of my Summer Edit posts! I've decided to finish up with my favourite summer eye shadows that I've been loving over the last few months. I find the warmer months are such an in between season when it comes to eye shadow; during the day you don't want to look too overdressed but at night you still want to look made up, but with a kind of "oh... my eyes? Yeah I just threw that together" vibe. Although I like to experiment with lots of different colours and makes of eye shadow, there are certainly a few I have naturally gravitated towards recently, so I thought I'd share these favourites with you!

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette - Iconic 1
The perfect Naked 1 dupe, I really loved this palette for summer evening looks. The dark blue shade just works so well with the lighter pink shades and is such a breath of fresh air from black and brown. My go to look incorporated the lighter pinks for the corner, a darker pink for the lid and then the dark blue for the outer crease. 

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette - Iconic 3
And here we have the perfect Naked 3 dupe! In contract to the Iconic 1, I really liked using this for day time looks. The coppery pinks and purples were something a little different and really brightened up my summer makeup. I found I gravitated towards the dusty pinks and silvery purples the most. 

Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo - On and On Bronze
This is a gorgeous shimmery bronze that compliments all eye colours. The cream consistency makes it so easy to apply in a rush too; dab your middle finger in the pot and blend away. I swear this product was made for the lazy girl in all of us?!

Makeup Revolution Baked Mono Eye Shadows - Heavenly & Galactic
I saw my bestie Jade wearing this combo the other day and I was SO jealous. Even though I had the same shadows at home in my makeup drawer! These two were made for each other, I used Heavenly on my lid and then used the golden coppery shade of Galactic to blend into the crease. I actually think Heavenly is the perfect light shimmery colour to be worn on it's own too. 

So there we have it, my final post for Summer! Although I'm a bit sad it's pretty much over, I'm really looking forward to Autumn.... I love a good knitted jumper and my tweed jacket is starting to look lonely in the wardrobe on it's own. 

I hope you liked my Summer Edit posts! 

Lots of Love,
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