Sunday 20 April 2014

The Contents of my "Going Out" Clutch Bag

 The contents of a woman's handbag is one thing, but the contents of a woman's clutch bag? That's a whole other kettle of fish. The decision of what to put in such a scaled down version of the suitcase us ladies carry around on a daily basis can be a bit of a chore... Mainly because there's just not enough room for all the essentials (yes... I need to take all 3 lip glosses out with me OK?!) So I wanted to show you what I like to put in my clutch bag for an evening out. Because let's be honest, we all love a good old nose around ;-)

So starting in the top left we have lipstick. Now exactly what lipstick I take out really depends on my outfit, but at the moment the Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake is pretty much a permanent resident in my handbag. It makes sense it should transfer into my clutch bag too! Next we have my Makeup Academy blusher. I have 2 of these which I'm swapping between at the moment, this one is called Bubble Gum and the other I'm using is called Bon Bon. These are the perfect small handbag size which I love! I also like to carry a compact mirror with me at all times. We all need one of those and they're called compact for a reason so... They're always going to be small handbag size! Sunglasses - because now the days are getting longer I'm finding I actually need these for the first part of the evening! They also make a Spring outfit look that little bit more glam. These ones are from Primark which is my sunglasses shop of choice due to how cheap they are! Carmex cherry lip salve - it's the best one by far and always leaves my lips lovely and smooth. I'm finding the elaborate changes in the weather are making my lips extra dry at the moment so I really need this at all times. I also find it useful to use as a lip gloss over the top of some lipsticks if I'm not feeling the matte look. Then we have my E.L.F angled blusher brush (for the blusher of course!) and a Collection black kohl eye pencil. Sometimes I find my eyeliner needs a bit of a touch up once or twice throughout the evening although I must say the Collection eyeliners are actually pretty good at staying put; I rarely get that annoying smudged under eye with these. Then there's the Collection cover up in Light 2. This stuff is amazing and I like to have it in my clutch bag just in case my foundation slips a little or any unwanted blemishes turn up throughout the evening! Lastly I have two essentials that always remain in my clutch - some hair clips and some chewing gum. Hairclips in case my hair goes crazy frizz and I need some emergency pinnage and chewing gum because... Well we all need fresh breath right?! The clutch bag itself is actually a vintage one my mum gave me, so I'm not able to tell you where this came from. It's one of my favourite wardrobe items though - I love the design and it goes so well with everything! 

Now there's only one thing missing here, and that some mattifying pressed powder. Now I'm on the hunt for a compact one of these for my handbag so if anyone has any ideas on a good one, please let me know! 

What are your clutch bag essentials? Do you have anything that you can't live without?

Lots of Love

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